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The GuyMaster

The GuyMaster
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Sex is great exercise. Want to add sexual pleasure to your workouts? Those dreaded inner thighs are a tough spot and what better motivation is there than simultaneous sexual pleasure?! The GuyMaster strengthens your thighs and thrusts a dildo into you all at the same time. use it with a partner guiding you or solo. However you use it you will get shapelier thighs and a happier vagina. Get pumping!


Fun way to work out, silicone interchangeable attachments, strengthens thighs, feels great.


Silicone can rip at base.
  • Material:

    The Torpedo dildo is made of non porous silicone. It is also hypo-allergenic and free of harmful chemicals. The silicone can be sterilized, so you can share this with a friend or partner without worrying about contamination. The silicone is very smooth, but doesn't feel very dense. It sort of has more or a jelly like feel without the smell or stickiness. This material has no odor or taste. It does have some drag to it, so lubricant is required. Lubricant is always required when putting the dildo onto the GuyMaster. The silicone has a tendency to rip otherwise.

    The GuyMaster's frame is made of strong, painted metal. It won't flex as you use the GuyMaster. The metal is covered in the same type of foam that would cover exercise machine handle bars. The material is smooth and plush when gripped. It allows for comfort between the legs and is not abrasive.

    Material safety
  • Design / Craftsmanship:

    The GuyMaster looks mostly like the Thigh Master your mom used to use after she gave birth to you, but with one small and very important change. Between the two curved metal bars is the joint connector that holds the coils that provide the resistance of the thigh bars. Attached to this is the modification to attach the dildos. An interlocking system probe sticks out from the center joint housing. The ball at the end, when slide into a GuyMaster dildo, locks into place. When the thigh bars are pushed together, the dildo moves forward and gets inserted into the vaginal canal a few inches. The more you squeeze, the deeper the dildo will go.

    Black / Red
  • Size / Fit:

    The thigh bars aren't made for a specific body type, but if you have a hard time opening your legs more than 120 degrees, this might be hard to use since it cannot be adjusted in any way.

    The dildo is of the moderate size that it is probably enjoyable to the majority of users. The length might not be enough for everyone, but that's what the different attachments are for. You could try the Shockwave for example.

    2 lb
  • Performance:

    Depending on which GuyMaster level you choose to purchase and present strength the workout and experience with the GuyMaster will be different. The Pro has 40% more resistance than the original and will give a harder work out. Just attach the Torpedo (or different attachment of choice) by placing a very small amount of water based lubricant, or even just water on the inside of the dildo before sliding it on. Without this, the silicone can tear. Go slowly until the dildo goes over the plastic lip and locks into place. Applying lubricant to the dildo also makes using the GuyMaster easier.

    The GuyMaster can be used in a variety of positions. Some maximize pleasure while other maximize the burn! For example it can be used laying down with feet flat on the floor, leaning against a wall or in a door way with bent knees, laying on your side, or sitting on the edge or a chair or bed. Place the GuyMaster between your thighs, logo side up. Start by slightly inserting the dildo into the vagina. With each squeeze of the thighs together the dildo will thrust in at the same time. When you release, the dildo returns to its original position. The user controls the pace as fast or as slow as desired. They also control how deep or shallow the thrusting is. With the GuyMaster, you can work the trouble spots of the inner thighs and get the sweet reward of orgasm in the end. Each time you use the GuyMaster, your thighs will get stronger and the orgasms easier to achieve. There is no exercise more sexually rewarding. Cool down with some kegels!

    If you get tired of pumping your legs away and the burn is becoming too much, there is a solution for this too! The GuyMaster manual handle accessory lets the user remove the dildo and add it to a straight handle for probing until you finish!

  • Care and Maintenance:

    Clean up is easy. Just remove the dildo and it can be boiled or put in a dishwasher to sterilize it. Otherwise it can just be cleaned with soap and warm water. When choosing lubricants, only use water based. Silicone based will irreversibly ruin the material. It is easy to quickly share with a partner or friend by switching out condoms. They easily fit over the ends of the dildos. If the GuyMaster gets a bit steamy just wipe it down with a baby wipe or damp cloth.

  • Packaging:

    The entire unit comes assembled all ready to go! Nice right? It can literally be used straight out of the box, just remove the plastic wrap keeping the bars together, attach the dildo, and pump away. It all comes in a large rectangular cardboard box. Inside is a pamphlet for cleanign and use instructions. There is a cardboard sleeve that slides off the box. On it are pictures of couples using the GuyMaster and pictures demonstrations for how it works. It can be tossed or kept to help keep the box closed. If you keep the seran wrap, you can reuse it to close the bars together and everything will fit back in the box nicely.

  • Experience:

    The GuyMaster is a lot of fun once you get the rhythm down! At first I thought it would take a lot of work to be able to achieve an orgasm this way. I didn't even care though because I love working out and was excited to incorporate sexual pleasure into my routine. But withing a week of using this for about 5-10 minutes a day, I was pumping my way to orgasms, which is actually a big feat for me since penetration alone doesn't usually do it for me. Sitting on the edge or a chair, bed, or low table produced g-spot stimulation and boy does it feel good! If you like using a dildo and clitoral vibe at the same time, this frees up one of your hands. Let your thighs do the thrusting!

    Using it lying down or leaning against a wall or in a door frame produced the hardest workout. Orgasms aside, this really does strengthen your thighs and legs. Jeans fit slimmer, thighs rub less, stockings fit better. It rocks! You can even get creative and use it with a partner. Have you partner sit behind you and help guide the motion of your legs or lay on your side and do the same. You can use the whole thing as a giant probing device too! My only piece of advice would be to experiment with how far down you want to put this on your thighs. I put it down too far the first time and ended up impaling my cervix. Go slow at first and figure out the right positioning. Then go as crazy as you want. I honestly would recommend this to any women who is active or wants to be more active and needs a bit of motivation. It's a great way to break a sweat, get in better shape, and have healthy orgasms.

  • Other
    Safety features:
    Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free
    Insertable length:
    1 1/2"
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