The Happy Birthday Book of Erotica – great erotic stories themed on birthdays

The Happy Birthday Book of Erotica Book by Cleis Press Inc.
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"Close your eyes and make a wish," for soon you're about to receive the best birthday present an adult can get. Forget the perfumes, boxes of candy, Hallmark cards and gift certificates; the perfect birthday present doesn't come in fancy wrapping or glossy ribbons, but in a steamy and hot intimate encounters. Acclaimed author Alison Tyler edits this fabulous volume of erotica centered on the theme of birthdays, spinning yarns about incredibly sexy gifts or passionate birthday experiences. The birthdays in this collection are observed in the most carnal of ways, with presents that can be savored for years to come. Marilyn Jaye Lewis's "The Birthday Party" features an unexpected ménage-a-trois as the perfect gift, while Kate Laurie's "Her Birthday Suit," involves a stud-for-hire who won't leave until the birthday girl is completely satisfied. Simone Harlow's "Happy Birthday" sees a tough policewoman get the tables turned as a naked Adonis attempts to tame her. Indulge your deepest desires and feast on something more than cake with this fun book filled with delightful and sexy birthday surprises for everyone.

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