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The Lingerie Handbook Book by Workman Publishing Company
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Ever wondered how to get your real bra size? Stumped for what to slip on under a clingy dress? Want to look thinner and more composed? This book helps you discover the art of dressing up beneath your clothes, in an easy to understand format.

Penned by Rebecca Apsan, owner of La Petite Coquette, (the famous NYC lingerie store that clothed the Sex and the City ladies) The Lingerie Handbook mentions your unmentionables with a tone even beginners will enjoy. With sections on what to bring on the Honeymoon, why thongs are so popular, and where we get words like "Trousseau", this volume is packed with tips, trivia, and before and after photos. Also included is a chapter for men who want to buy their lady something lovely but don't quite know how.

An enjoyable read even for those who have already mastered the art of lingerie, it makes an excellent gift for the girl who has everything.

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    Rebecca Apsan
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    Workman Publishing Company
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    2006 year
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    • I wish it was available again...
    • I'm totally debating getting this right now.
    • This looks like such a fun and interesting product to own.
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      very interesting
    • Want it on my coffee table
    • This looks entertaining. :)
    • now this looks like a fun book to add to my collection!!
    • Excellent read for girly girls interested in learning a little more about lingerie (or those who want to be a girly girl for a night!). Great explanations of terms, sizing, etc. A very good purchase and worth adding to your bookshelf.
    • This actually sounds like a interesting book and would be worth a try for me to own
    • Interesting...
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