The New Art of Erotic Massage – excitingly illustrated book on the art of erotic massage

The New Art of Erotic Massage Book by Sterling Publishing Co
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If you want to relax while tantalizing and satisfying your partner than Dr. Andrew Yorke's fabulous book is the perfect accompaniment to help you deepen your relationship and give each other the pleasure you desire. A respected expert on sexual and marital relationships, Yorke will guide you through several easy-to-learn massage strokes and techniques that will help you spend time with your significant other, enriching the physical and emotional intimacy you express and feeling closer with love and affection. With beautiful full-color photographs, this book will instruct you in this caring form of touch, opening of better lines of communication you never knew were possible while improving the health and well being of both partners. Yorke begins by recommending certain elements to set the scene, emphasizing that there are no wrong or right ways to massage, but that there are several basic strokes one should learn before attempting to continue. From gliding to percussion, this book will guide you in the art of erotic massage, starting from the back and moving on to the legs, arms, face and other delightful areas.

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    Dr.Andrew Yorke
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    Sterling Publishing Co
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    2007 year
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