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The Passion Prescription Book by Hyperion
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Is your sex life exciting, satisfying and passionate or just "good enough?" If you're not sure then you may need to read this book. Within only 10 weeks Dr. Laura Berman can show you how to recharge your sex life and fulfill all of your intimacy needs with honest advice and well-informed education leading to increased enjoyment for both you and your partner. As the director and founder of the Berman Center, Dr. Berman is a practicing OB/GYN and the nations leading sex therapist as well as co-author of "Secrets of the Sexually Satisfied Woman." Every woman deserves a life of sexual fulfillment and Dr. Berman has gathered all the necessary tolls every woman needs to recharge their sex lives in this practical and accessible guide. With up-to-the-minute medical guidance, down-to-earth psychological assessments and straightforward talk about fantasies and toys, she gathers all the elements needed for a sizzling sex life in one simple 10-week program. Each chapter within these pages explores a unique facet of women's sexuality and well-being, offering specific recommendations and step-by-step homework to help usher that change into reality. As well, there is even a "Guy's Guide" to help men understand the necessity of this reevaluation and reclaiming of the lost sex life. Combining extensive medical research with creativity and common sense, Dr. Berman is ready to fill your prescription for passion.

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    Laura Berman Ph.D.
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    2005 year
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