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The Perfect Orgasm Book by Warner Books
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Is it better to give or to receive? Frankly, it's fun to do both! And with The Perfect Orgasm, you will learn exactly how to bring your partner to the peak of sexual pleasure…and get him or her to do the same for you. Joan Elizabeth Lloyd, celebrated sex expert and the author of Nice Couples Do, If It Feels Good, Come Play with Me, and 52 Saturday Nights, reveals intimate secrets that you will not find anywhere else. Step by step and by drawing on the experiences of men and women just like you, The Perfect Orgasm will teach you: The mysteries of the g-spot - how to find it, how to use it; Step-by-step oral sex tips - for him and for her; Solo exercises - an excellent way to prime yourself for a more intense experience; Ways to start the fun early in the day - for a more spectacular encounter later; How to pick your sex toys wisely - for size, shape, and erogenous zone; How to improve communication with your partner - a sure way to a better sex life

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    2005 year
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