The Slave – a dive into the dark side of sexuality

The Slave Book by Mystic Rose Books
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The second volume is an erotic exploration into the life of a young woman, from her first dominant/submissive fantasies to her sale at the auction block.

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    Laura Antoniou
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    Mystic Rose Books
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    2001 year
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    8 1/2"
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    • imp
      Advanced reviewer, rank 6.1/10

      Ever read a book that when you have finished, you feel like you have been left dangling and you just can't get enough? You want more? The Slave is indeed one of those books, that have had that effect on me. I am so collecting the whole damn series now. Hot, hot and hot...*fans self*.

    • Michael Wiersing Sudau
      Advanced reviewer, rank 4.7/10

      In fact the whole book is very enjoyable when you like to read a text that goes deeper than the normal SM-novel, and which in turn also demands a greater effort from the part of the reader.

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