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Product: The Ultimate Guide to Fellatio
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The complete illustrated guide to fellatio for everyone


Format: Paperback

Number of Pages: 250

Length: 9"

Width: 6"

Content / Audience

Publisher: Cleis Press Inc.

Publication date: 2002 year

ISBN: 1573441511

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Catalog ID: 1573441511

About author

Author: Violet Blue

  • This piece is great for beginners, but also a great beginning tool in learning how to communicate during oral as well. I'd recommend this alongside a video piece perhaps, and experienced oral-sex folks could look elsewhere.

  • Both newbies and pros will find something new in Violet Blue's book. Everything from shyness to deep throating to positions are discussed clearly and accurately without being clinical and uncomfortable.

  • If you want to open yourself up to the pleasures of fellatio, or you're seeking some new techniques and information to mix up the blowjob experience, this book will be a great help to you.

  • I enjoyed this book when I got it and it's helped me learn how to give deep throat and a better blowjob for my husband and I'm thankful for this book!