Three-way erotic stories – a great collection of threesome erotic stories

Three-way Erotic Stories Book by Cleis Press Inc.
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"Relish the rapturous tangle of limbs, mouths, and hands," with this amazing collection of threesome stories edited by bestselling erotica author Alison Tyler and penned by a cavalcade of talented writers. Three means more of everything. More fingers, more tongues, and more pleasure. Discover why the classic (and not so-classic) threesome is the number-one favorite fantasy of both women and men with these 20 stories that recount the pleasures of group sex in all its thrilling variations. Julia Moore's "Endings" finds a bad girl who thinks she's cheating on her boyfriend surprised when she learns her beau is not so innocent. In A.J. Stone's "If You Can Make It There, You Can Make It Anywhere" two old friends share a taxi with a voyeuristic cabdriver and give their regards to Wall Street. Indulge in the erotic memory of Marilyn Jaye Lewis's "Three for the Money," as a one-time sex worker recalls the rich and beguiling client who invited his most depraved female friend to teach the narrator a few new tricks. If good things come in threes, then this book is a "dizzying kaleidoscope of sensuality" and pleasure.

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    Collection of Stories by Various Authors / Edited by Alison Tyler
    Cleis Press Inc.
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    2004 year
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