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A tight vagina is a worthy objective, but creams sold to "shrink" vaginal tissues are not the best way to achieve that goal. The active ingredients in these products dry out vaginal tissues, which may give the temporary sensation of tightness on the penis or fingers; however, they don't actually cause the vagina to become any tighter or stronger.

To improve vaginal tone permanently and provide both you and your partner the most intense sensations, practice squeezing your pelvic floor muscles as if to stop the flow of urine midstream. These exercises, called "Kegels," can be done any time or place at all: while reading, driving to work, showering, or even during intercourse.

For more pronounced results, practice Kegels with a product meant to give resistance, such as one of the following:

SmartBalls, whose inner balls rattle around as you move. Pleasure and a great vaginal workout all in one!

Luna Balls, which can be adjusted to several different levels of heaviness. You can increase resistance when you're ready.

Juno, a weighted vaginal exerciser that doubles as a very nice dildo.

Skip the worthless creams. Regular workouts of the vaginal muscles are the best route to a stronger, tighter vagina.

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    Benzocaine Ethyl p-Aminobenzoate U.S.P, Triclosan SA, Perfecta Petrolium U.S.P., Distlled Water
    0.25 oz
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    • anonymous
      I've used this product before, and it does work! I didn't feel anything, but my hubby sure did, it made our love making better then ever!
    • Sleeping Dreamer
      Sleeping Dreamer
      It is small, and yes it does look like lipgloss. I'm not sure if this really works, I've felt a tingling sensation but my husband has never said if he's noticed a physical change in my vaginal tightness. I think it's more psychological than anything, leaving you feeling more confident "down there". Maybe that's the purpose, to have you take your mind off of whether or not you're tight enough for him and being able to lay back and enjoy the ride.
    • anonymous
      The picture made it look so big but it's only about the size of a lip gloss. Disappointing.
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