Under A Lovers Moon – for an enchanting intimate atmosphere

Under A Lovers Moon CD by Blush Records
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Intimate instrumental mood music from After Midnight DJ Johnny Kale - the cover alone will sell this one.


1.MoonGoddess Awakens

2.Outdoor Fantasy

3.Lying In Clouds

4.Yes Martha , It's Magic!

5.Night Angel

6.Reflections From A Hidden Lake

7.Moonbeams On Your Lips

8.Sensuous Rendezvous

9.Your Favorite Secret

10.Under A Lover's Moon

Catalog ID: BR001

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    Blush Records
    Running time:
    80 mins.
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    • Hot Buns Of Fun
      Advanced reviewer, rank 5.4/10

      At a running time of 55 minutes, the ten tracks that make up "Under a Lover's Moon" run smoothly and seamlessly together, creating a sumptuous and sensual glow for your aural senses. There is a common soundscape that intertwines the tunes on this effort, but it does so without becoming redundant and boring.

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