Vaginas: An Owner's Manual – a fun way of knowing more about your body

Vaginas: An Owner's Manual Book by Thunders Mouth Press
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"This is a book that every woman should own. It is as entertaining as it is informative. Even your best girlfriends can't give you this kind of advice" - Candace Bushnell

"A fabulous resource for the undiscovered country. Talk about vagina friendly books! Got vagina? Read this book." - Eve Ensler

There is more to the vagina than your mother told you; unless your mother has been a practicing gynecologist for over twenty years. Here is a book all women must read. The first fun, thorough, and revealing "owner's manual" for your vagina, written by an ob-gyn and her daughter. Packed with facts but never dull, "Vaginas" covers periods, pregnancy, how to keep healthy, STDs, birth control, mishaps, when (and when not) to be worried, abortion, hot flashes, ways to keep an aging body performing, and all the fun stuff too.

Elizabeth Topp is a graduate of Harvard. She has written "Let's Go" and worked with Al Franken. Her mother, Dr. Carol Livoti, has been an ob-gyn for over twenty years and has her own practice in New York City.

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