The Vancouver blanket (Purple) is presented by Love Bumper (manufacturer) and EdenFantasys.

Vancouver blanket DVD by Love Bumper
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This product has been discontinued
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The Vancouver blanket is a great addition to your collection. It's perfect for throwing over surfaces you want to keep clean and dry, enabling you to play just about anywhere your heart desires! When all is said and done, just toss it into the laundry and go on about your day!


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    • I hope this is coming soon!
    • Would love this!
    • is this upcoming, if so I want it.
    • Would love to see how this is going to work. I still need to try my liberator throe as well. Hmmm options
    • Would love to get this!
    • I really want this. Please stock it!
    • hmmm.... is this something I should keep an eye out for?
    • MUST own!
    • I really want this!!!!
    • Sounds great
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    • Is this coming soon? It says discontinued, and there is a new review?
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