Wet: Erotic Adventures in Water – discover the world of aquatic intimacy

Wet: Erotic Adventures in Water Book by Quiver
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"Get soaked in passion" and discover "wet ways to spice up your sex routine" with this fun and fascinating book, as noted sexuality educator Ellen Kate takes you on an aquatic voyage through intimacy. Some things were just meant for one another, and sex and wetness seem to be a natural fit. Whether it's the body's own natural lubrication or the salty taste of sweat, wetness and intimacy go hand in hand, both adding to and aiding the visceral experience of sex. The effect liquid has on firing up intimacy is unrivaled and is considered by some to be a sensual and erotic aphrodisiac. Kate details creative ways to incorporate the "slippery sensuality" of wetness into your love life and includes countless tips for aquatic pleasure. You'll want to submerge yourself in the mythical relationship between water and sexuality and learn the best positions and places for wet-n-wild fun, as well as finding out the best water-friendly toys and reading anecdotes from real people who engage in wet fun. With scintillating full-color photographs, Wet will inspire you and your partner to "take the plunge."

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    Ellen Kate
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    2007 year
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