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Compelling, enticing, tantalizing, and leaving nothing out of bounds, Whipped is a collection of new and classic female-dominant erotica - all tales where women come out on top. Edited by Carol Queen, noted author, and co-owner of the sex toy and book emporium Good Vibrations, this powerful collection of stories invites you to explore new and undiscovered realms of what it means to be sexual, and what it means to be in control.

Thomas S. Roche details the power dynamic when a submissive woman takes control of an intimate encounter; Marcy Sheiner puts a whole new spin on Cinderella's "wicked" stepsisters; M. Christian recounts a dominatrix's visit to her own mistress; Cecilia Tan presents a steamy and illicit encounter underground; and Charlie Anders explores the humorous intersection of politics and S&M.

This collection also includes a DVD of the acclaimed 2000 documentary Whipped by Iana Porter and Sasha Waters - a candid look at the lives of three New York City women who work as professional dominatrixes - along with an insightful afterward by Sasha Waters.

Whether you're a dominant or submissive, kinky or simply curious, Whipped will introducte you to a tantalizing world of power and release, one in which anything goes.

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    2005 year
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    • Opal
      Advanced reviewer, rank 5.2/10

      I'm not a big fan of anthologies. Too often I enjoy a few of the short stories, but find the remaining bulk to be unappealing. Whipped was a pleasant surprise, and I was entertained from start to finish. Could I even call it delightful?

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