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Wilde nights teaser Sensual kit by Sexy Living
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This little kit makes for one sensual evening. Inside of the Chinese takeout style box you will find everything you need for a luxurious bath and massage. Place the 'GingerToffee' Bath Truffle into your hot bath water and relax as it moisturizes and softens your skin with Cocoa Butter. Don't forget to light the paraffin-free soy tealight candle that is included to set a sexy mood. After the bath, let your honey give you a rub down with 'Love Potion No. 9' Aphrodisiac Massage oil that contains sunflower and grapeseed oils, jasmine, vanilla, ylang-ylang and other enticing and exotic scents. Then, take turns applying and licking off the Body Candy lickable massage balm. Our balm was chocolate mint truffle flavored and it was exquisite! It's not heavy or too greasy and the taste is wonderful. Right away you taste the chocolate, but then the mint taste and a wonderful cool tingle that spreads through your mouth (rest assured this is a good tingle). Treat your partner, or spoil yourself.

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    Bath Truffle: Cocoa Butter, citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, corn starch, Vanilla, Ginger, Cinnamon essential oils. Lickable Massage Balm:Raw coconut oil and Cocoa Butter, cold-pressed sunflower and wheat germ oils, Vitamin E, Beeswax, cocoa powder, stevia herbal extract, rosemary oil extract, pure essential oils of peppermint and vanilla. Sensual Massage Oil: Sunflower and grapeseed oils, Vitamin E, pure essential oils of Jasmine, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Ylang-Ylang, Clove Bud, Patchouli and Sweet Orange Tealight Candle: Soy (paraffin-free

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