ZT girl love all girl hardcore playing cards Adult game discontinued

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Product: ZT girl love all girl hardcore playing cards
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Fifty-two erotic girl-on-girl pictures in beautiful glossy color.

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Manufacturer: Evolved

Catalog ID: ZEPC3962


Weight: 3.4 oz

  • These cards are great for someone who loves to look at girls and/or lesbians. Every one of the cards has a great picture on it that will make your mind wander. I recommend these to everyone; they are great, and are worth the money.

  • The girl love playing cards use realistic pictures; they are great as a gift or for any added fun in a card game.

  • You can't go wrong with these cards for a night drinking with the girls (or a poker night for the guys). Though the acts look very staged, the girls are still nice to look at. The deck itself is good quality and will last a long time.

  • High quality construction, good variety of actions/angles in pictures.