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ZT girl love all girl hardcore playing cards

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Adult game - ZT girl love all girl hardcore playing cards - view #1


If lesbian love is your cup of tea, then you aren't likely to be disappointed by these cards. They feature a wide variety of all-nude, pretty women heating things up with other women.


Attractive women, clear photography, reasonable quality.



Best use:

  • Purpose / Audience:

    As the name suggests, the ZT Girl Love playing cards are for people who appreciate full-color photos of naked women pleasuring naked women. The deck is very diverse in every way possible, with ladies of various races ranging from their late teens to perhaps their early 40s. Some are petite, while others are voluptuously well rounded. Some have natural bodies, and others are obviously silicone enhanced. And all are reasonably attractive.

    Every card has a different pair of ladies, or a threesome in some cases, engaging in acts such as kissing, cunnilingus, toy play, and fingering. Hardcore as the pictures may be, there are no extreme fetish acts represented, and the poses are tasteful overall.

  • Rules / Content:

    Rules? Naw, none given, none needed. Since this is marked as a standard 52-card deck complete with 2 jokers, you can use them to play Solitaire, Poker, Gin Rummy, Cribbage, Spades, or whatever else you'd like. Each of the cards' fronts has an ornate light pink border, and the suits and numbers are printed on this border in a font that's easy to see. The back of the cards have a plum-colored monochrome close-up of two girls kissing though, and the words "Girl Love" printed in bold white letters, so they aren't exactly discreet from any angle.

  • Design:

    The cards each measure 2½ in × 3½ in, the same size as those found in a standard poker deck, and are only slightly thinner. They shuffle well, deal smoothly, and are coated in a glossy laminate to help repel dirt and moisture. The tuck-top box is made of thin cardboard with rather explicit hardcore graphics on it. Both the box and the cards are of reasonable quality and should last for a few years with average use.

    3.4 oz
  • Experience:

    Alan says:
    Not meaning to sound like a perv, but it would be nice if they'd told us the names of the girls. I believe I've seen a couple of them in porn, but the majority were unknown. I would be interested to see if a few others were in movies, too.

    Michele says:
    We were assigned these cards for a review, and the content of them simply aren't my thing since I have a serious dick fetish. I can see how they would arouse people who *are* into all girls though, because the photography is really well done and most of the girls are attractive enough.

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