Gay Mans Kama Sutra – an application of Kama Sutra for gay couples

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Gay Mans Kama Sutra Book by Thomas Dunne Books
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  • Gay Mans Kama Sutra - Book
  • Gay Mans Kama Sutra - Book
  • Gay Mans Kama Sutra - Book
  • Gay Mans Kama Sutra - Book
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Filled with more than 100 specially drawn illustrations, this new and improved guide takes the place of popular out-of-print Gay Kama Sutra. In addition to providing practical advice on sexual technique, relationships, and emotional well-being, it also covers everything from meeting a partner, courtship, and kissing to games, massage and safe sex.

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    Terry Sanderson
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    Thomas Dunne Books
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    2004 year
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    • Jul!a
      Writer, rank 9/10

      This is definitely a book the homophobic should shy away from. Filled with colorful illustrations depicting two men engaging in all sorts of acts, this book is very informative and educational. It reads very well, doesn't get so into detail that you can't follow anymore, and doesn't start talking to you like you're a 3rd grader.

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    Customer comments

    • looks good
    • nice
    • Gosh, those are some lovely illustrations. I hate to see lame diagrams, like in *some* sex manuals I know...
    • this book looks interesting
    • : D (h) :D
    • Hope they get this book back in stock! They need more gay friendly books available!
    • looks good
    • Very good.
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