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Please, Ma'am Book by Cleis Press Inc.
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"I crave the pain she gives me, but it's more than that...I crave the person she becomes." -from "I'll Do It. For Her."

Go ahead, say the words out loud: "Please, Ma'am." If these words make you long for a woman to grab you by the scruff of your neck or control you with one fierce, all-knowing look, then this book is for you. Whether playing servant, student or nude model, the submissive men in Please, Ma'am revel in the attention of stern mistresses who know exactly what punishments they need. With stories by Michael Hemmingson, D.L. King, Graydancer, and many more, bestselling erotica editor Rachel Kramer Bussel has gathered today's best erotic tales of men who crave the cruel intentions of a powerful woman.

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    Various Authors
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    Cleis Press Inc.
    Publication date:
    2010 year
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    7 3/4"
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    Edited by:
    Rachel Kramer Bussel

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