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Please, Ma'am

Book by Cleis Press Inc.

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Oh yes please!

I choose this book and Please Sir to give my wife and I ideas on how we can each be submissive to each other. Having only read this book so far, it was definitely helpful. Hot stories, not just hetero pairings, and varying plot. This book will be read again soon!
Exciting stories, not all bondage related, varying pairings of characters.
Not made into a movie?
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About author

This is the second book I have read by Rachel Kramer Bussel, and I really enjoyed her writing and editing once again. In this book she wrote one story, "Houseboy", which was an excellent story. She is a New York based author, and has edited over twenty erotic books.
    • Engaging

Content / Style / Audience

This is only my second erotic novel that I have read, and after reading Best Bondage Erotica 2011, I had in mind that this was going to be a similar read with submissive men and bondage. Boy was I wrong. While the very first story does feature male chastity, quite a few of the stories so far don't have much of a bondage theme to them. I was glad to see this, as I want my wife to read this book and enjoy it as much as I did. And I have really enjoyed this so far. I will just be sitting on the couch, reading a few stories, with a full erection as I visualize what I am reading. And in "Inside the Pride", there is even a group orgy with one female and six men, but the men play with each other as well as the woman. There was also a story of two women, who were both dominant, playing with each other as the male submissive was forced to be a table, and a story about the dominant male in public who really liked to submit to his woman.

I Live to Serve by Teresa Noelle Roberts
It's Not Me, It's You by Charlotte Stein
A Charmed Life by Isabelle Gray
A Maze, and Grace by Elizabeth Coldwell
Inside the Pride by Remittance Girl
Modern Major General by Craig J. Sorensen
Mr. February by Madeline Elayne
Frozen by A.D.R. Forte
Thrift Store Whore by Sommer Marsden
Porch Swing by Dominic Santi
Paypig by Michael Hemmingson
The Crack of the Bat by Heidi Champa
Dressing for Dinner by Giselle Renarde
Living Rough by Ariel Graham
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Houseboy by Rachel Kramer Bussel
The Unhappy Table by Lee Ash
and I'll Do It. For Her. by Graydancer.
    • Erotica
    • Bdsm
    • Fetish


This book is 200 pages long, and It measures 8 by 5.5 inches. This is my second book by Rachel Kramer Bussel, and one thing that caught my attention when I placed it with my other books from her, is that they are all the exact same size. So for all those OCD people out there (me), they will stack nicely and look uniform. It is a quality soft back book, that has a very nice image of a woman in a black cincher, bra, and ballet boots. But according the TacoODoom, this is actually a man. Either way, it is a sexy outfit. This is the same image repeated on the back with a little information. Definitely not something that I would read out in public, especially with how arousing the stories are.
    • Not very discreet cover
    • Small size
    • Soft cover

Personal comments

The first time that I sat down with this book, I planned on just reading the intro and one story, then go eat lunch. I first read "I Live to Serve" by Teresa Noelle Roberts, and it was a great story. Very different from what I expected, in that the male character just seemed like the hired help, but in which he was constantly suffering from male chastity. But he was greatly rewarded at the end of the night! After reading that story, there was no way I was putting down the book yet. I went ahead and continued with reading the next story, then put my lunch in, and came back and read some more.

"Mr. February" by Madeline Elayne was another great story that caught my attention. It starts with the male sub being very upset because he thinks he just ruined his marriage by writing a letter to his wife telling her that he wants to be submissive. But all of a sudden his wife calls and demands that he makes it home in ten minutes. Does he make it in time?

"Porch Swing" by Dominic Santi features a husband and wife who have a die that she carries around with her at all times. When they get in the mood, wherever they are, they roll the die and they have to follow what it says. One night, out on their front porch, it's the husband's turn to be on the receiving end, but he is shocked and horrified with what the die lands on. He eventually has to perform what it says, and they aren't alone. Their neighbors and the pizza delivery woman join in on the fun!

"Paypig" by Michael Hemmingson is about a man who has fantasized about having a woman take money from him, like she is a total stranger. He eventually meets a woman online, and they go through a few rounds of the money exchange. The last round she changes it up, and after meeting him at a Hustler store, she tells him that $100 wasn't enough, and she forces him to go to an ATM for more money. But after she gets the money, she doesn't just leave him on the curb with an erection.

I tried to pick five stories from the book to slightly describe, but towards the end of the book, I felt like I wanted to choose every single one. They were each different and unique, and I loved all the varying degrees of submission. I wanted to choose one more, but I simply couldn't do it. There was not a single story that turned me off and made me want to skip it, and during the last story I definitely had a nice, strong erection. I believe my wife would enjoy some of the stories as well, so hopefully for the follow-up review I can give her opinion of the book.
Follow-up commentary
I still enjoy the stories in this book, but I think I prefer a collection like Best Bondage Erotica 2011 or 2012, which features a mixture of stories for both male and female dominant, not just the female dominant. And so far, I have not picked the book back up and read it front to back again.
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  • Linga
    Sounds like a great book, I've looked at it many times but it never makes it into my order lol. I should get it asap. Great review!
  • Antipova
    Awesome review, Leatherlover, I tend a little more toward submissive myself so I skipped this book over, but after reading some female-dominant stories in other books (like Playing with Fire) I think I might enjoy at least reading about it. Your description of this, especially Inside the Pride, makes me feel like I should put this on my wishlist. Let us know what your wife thinks!

    (And I totally feel you with the cover sizes. There's something nice about having a complete set.)
  • leatherlover
    LingaLoo- I agree. So many times I have wanted to order a certain item, but it never quite makes it.

    Antipova- Thanks for reading. I tend to be submissive myself, but I am still looking forward to reading Please Sir as well, as my wife likes me to be dominant at times.
  • pinkzombie
    Great review!
  • SMichelle
    Thanks for the excellent review!
  • Ayumi
    Wonderful review! I love how very thorough you are with your media content. It certainly helps me as a buyer. Much appreciated.
  • edeneve
    thanks for the review.
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