Bullet vibrators

Bullet vibrator and egg vibrator is a small toy that fits in the palm of your hand, in your purse, and anywhere - wink-wink - else. Discreet and versatile, bullet and egg vibrators are perfect for inside and clit stimulation whenever you want, wherever you go.

Egg vibrators pack a punch despite their petite size and are perfect for foreplay. Bullet and egg vibrators usually feature a remote control or even an app control, perfect for playing in public or letting your partner control your pleasure. They are also discreet and very silent.

Bullet vibrators are small but surprisingly powerful, packing multiple vibration patterns, fun textures and a classic, reliable shape that is beautifully universal - whether you want it inside or out, as foreplay or as an orgasm helper. Learn how to choose the best bullet vibrator at EdenFantasys.


Shop Bullet Vibrators And Egg Vibrators On EdenFantasys

Vibrating bullets and egg vibrators collection at EdenFantasys is the embodiment of the concept “enjoy the little things.” From classic bullet vibrators, sleek and powerful, to versatile egg vibrators, double-pieced or heavily textured, featuring remote controls or app-controlled, we have everything you need to enhance your play, whether you crave a little teasing or full-body climaxes.

What is a Bullet Vibrator?

A bullet vibrator is a small, discreet sex toy designed for targeted stimulation of erogenous zones such as the clitoris, nipples, or perineum. Despite their compact size, bullet vibrators deliver intense vibrations that can lead to mind-blowing orgasms. Whether used during solo play or couples' exploration, these versatile toys are perfect for enhancing pleasure and intimacy.

What is an Egg Vibrator?

An egg vibrator, also known as a love egg or bullet egg, is a versatile sex toy designed for both internal and external stimulation. Shaped like an egg or oval, these vibrators are perfect for insertion into the vagina or anus, as well as external use on erogenous zones. Despite their petite size, egg vibrators offer powerful vibrations that can enhance arousal and pleasure, making them ideal for solo play or couples' adventures.

What Makes Bullet and Egg Vibrators Awesome?

Despite their obviously small size and shocking power, there are a few surprises bullet vibrators have in store.

  1. Discreet Design. Bullet and egg vibrators are discreetly sized, making them perfect for on-the-go pleasure. Slip them into your purse or pocket for spontaneous moments of ecstasy wherever you go.
  2. Versatile Stimulation. Whether you prefer pinpoint precision or broad stimulation, bullet and egg vibrators offer a range of intensities and patterns to suit your desires. Explore different vibration modes to discover what drives you wild.
  3. Remote Control Convenience. Many bullet and egg vibrators feature remote controls, allowing you or your partner to adjust the settings with ease. Some models even feature app control, meaning you can operate your partner’s toy from any location across the globe. Spice up your play by handing over control and surrendering to pleasure wherever you are.
  4. Enhanced Intimacy. Bringing bullet and egg vibrators into your play can deepen intimacy and strengthen your connection with your partner. Experiment with new sensations and explore each other's pleasure zones for unforgettable experiences.

Which is Better: The Bullet Vibrator or the Egg Vibrator?

Both bullet and egg vibrators offer great and sexy experiences, so the choice depends on personal preferences. Bullet vibrators are ideal for external stimulation and pinpoint precision, while egg vibrators provide versatile internal and external pleasure. Experiment with both to discover which works best for your body or your fantasy.

Where to Buy a Vibrator?

Ready to experience the pleasure of bullet and egg vibrators for yourself? Shop our cool collection of mini vibrators - we got them app-controlled, remote-controlled, dual-piece, pulsing, and even e-stim. The EdenFantasys sex toy shop offers everything you need when shopping for bullet and egg vibrators:

  • Privacy, discreetness, and secure shopping;
  • Amazing range from budget-friendly beginner options to luxury gems;
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EdenFantasys is your partner in crime and in pleasure, offering the best solutions - and the best bullet vibrators and egg vibrators - to fulfill your fantasies.

FAQ About Bullet Vibrators And Egg Vibrators

How to Charge a Bullet Vibrator:

Depending on the type of bullet vibrator you have, you can charge it with special cords or batteries. Some models come with built-in rechargeable batteries that can be charged using a USB cable or magnetic charging dock. Simply plug the bullet vibrator into a power source and follow the manufacturer's instructions for charging time and indicator lights. For battery-operated bullet vibrators, replace the batteries as needed according to the product specifications. Stock up on extra batteries and USB chargers here.

Can You Use a Bullet Vibrator for Anal?

Please don’t. Bullet vibrators or egg vibrators are famous for their sleek shapes and NOT having a safe flared or t-shaped base, hence absolutely not safe for internal anal play. Try vibrating butt plugs instead.

How to Clean a Bullet Vibrator?

After each use, clean your bullet vibrator with mild soap and warm water or EdenFantasys’ toy cleaner. Rinse thoroughly and allow it to air dry before storing it in a cool, dry place. Avoid submerging the entire vibrator in water, especially if it's not waterproof, and be sure to remove any batteries or charging cables before cleaning.