How To Choose The Best Remote-Controlled Vibrators

How To Choose The Best
Remote-Controlled Vibrators

If you think the remote-control play is only good for light, erotic warm-ups, think again! These fun smart vibrators provide endless types of fun and promise explosive, multiply-orgasmic endings. Explore our eight smoldering remote-play scenarios - starting with foreplay and ending with toe-curling orgasms - and find out how to pleasure each other with the ecstasies of one-touch control sex.

1Making Out At The Movies

Want to update your “making-out-at-the-movies” fantasy to an adult-rated version? Simply slip this vibe into your panties and give the remote control to your partner - or vice versa. You’re likely to get so aroused you’ll forget what the movie is about!

Giving the remote to my partner for him to control is a real turn-on. The vibrations feel great and will get you very excited about the action that'll follow.

2More Than Just Teasing

Whether it’s a romantic getaway or an intimate evening on the town, your date is sure to end on a high note induced by the scandalous sensations you’ll experience with the gradually increasing buzz of a vibrating egg. Сycle through 12 cum-inducing modes of vibration and play the sexiest version of the “Hot, hotter, hottest” game ever that’s sure to end with an earth-shattering orgasm!

This toy was very pleasurable and definitely was a turn-on. The vibrations were awesome. I had to cross my legs to keep from wiggling when he turned it (and me) on.

3Synced Flight To The Stars

When it comes to enjoyment, why take turns when both of you can take control instead? Turn this C-shaped vibrator loose and find out what it’s like to pleasure each other via remote control at the same time. All you have to do is slip the toy between your hot bodies and let its sweet buzz bring you a simultaneous orgasm.

The Passion is perfect for couples! It is remotely operated, there are 12 different vibrations and patterns and it gives you the mind-blowing orgasm!

4More Power Over Orgasms

How often you are on the verge of orgasm, but find you need just a little something more to take you over the top? Any vibrating cock ring can bring you closer to climax, but only by surfing vibration modes via a remote control can you deliver toe-curling orgasms on demand!

The Superhero has just about every feature you could ask for... a big winner is a remote control.

5Ride In Comfort

Once you get in the groove riding a vibrating dildo, you’ll feel how every movement draws you closer and closer to the finish line. Even better, a vibrating dildo with a remote control lets you stay in the flow without having to fumble for buttons, so you can win the orgasm race without having to make any pesky pitstops.

This toy hits spots inside me I didn't even know I had! Highly recommended for anyone who craves serious internal stimulation.

6Backdoor Fun

What’s more arousing than knowing your partner's bum is filled with pleasure thanks to having a vibrating butt plug back there? Nothing we can think of - except having a remote-controlled plug that transforms you from audience member into an active participant in the assgasmic sextravaganza!

Speed up vibrations while your lover is out for a walk, or treat her to delightful rimming while she’s focused on other pleasures. Make a game of it and see long she can keep a straight face while trying not to show just how wonderful all that lovely anal attention feels.

This is my most favorite toy so far. I totally enjoy traveling out in public with a secret.

7Prostate Massagers

If you think prostate massage is rocket science, you've never used a P-spot massager that features a remote control. Putting the toy in place and surfing the different vibration modes will take all the guesswork out of the process and leave you with nothing but pure, unadulterated adult pleasure. Simply nest the massager against your prostate, and as you discover the vibrating modes you like best, you’ll soon be the master of leg-shaking dry orgasms.

I've used many different ones, and none offer all these perks in one toy. Having a remote control is awesome.


Strap-on play makes the impossible possible and strengthens the bond between partners so strongly that you’ll almost feel like one being. To appreciate mutual harmony at its deepest level, chose vibration patterns via remote control together. After all, nothing enhances trust and builds intimacy better than a simultaneous orgasm!

All in all, the Nana is a fantastic strapless strap-on toy. We both greatly enjoyed it!

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