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Dildos 101

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Finding your perfect dildo has never been easier - with these helpful guides you can choose the size and shape that will bring you the most pleasure. Pick the best dildo at Edenfantasys and enjoy orgasmic play.

The Guide to Dildo Shapes

The choice of the perfect dildo depends on what sensations you are looking for - explore the variety of dildo shapes and find the best one for you.

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How To Choose Dildo Size

Choosing the right dildo size is the key to enjoying your solo or couples play. Learn how to pick the perfect toy for different types of stimulation.

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Playful positions with suction cup dildos

Dildos with suction cups offer a variety of positions that will make your sensual experience even more ecstatic. Read this guide and discover new ways to enjoy all that suction cup dildos have to offer.

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Temperature Play

Glass and metal dildos offer a whole new range of sensations with cold and warm stimulation. Find out how to enhance your bedroom play with these easy tips.

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Get Inspired

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Read the inspiring erotic fantasies and ignite your imagination.

Meeting the Real Deal

You have seen realistic dildos before… It looks and feels remarkably like a penis, but how real could it be? Enjoy this fantasy and explore your own desires with a matching kit.

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She loves her man-toy

This husband describes one romantic night with his wife. Double dildos, black lingerie, anal beads – you can find all of that here on the site – then you can play like these two in the story.

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Beginner Dildo Kits

Explore all the orgasmic sensations dildos can grant you with one of these carefully selected kits.

Add some exciting buzz to your dildo play - the realistic skin like dildo and a vibrating love ring make a perfect orgasmic pair, bringing you mind-blowing climaxes.

Start your sexy adventures with this stunning vegan-friendly harness and a realistic dildo with a suction cup, perfect for use with the harness or without.


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