Top 10 Dildos For Explosive Pleasure

When it comes to orgasms, there's nothing more reliable than enjoying a good ol' dildo. Functional design, grand size range, even revved up vibration - you’re bound to find a hot dildo on our list below to get your ride to the O! station.

1. The G-spot hunter

  • Smooth curve for leg-trembling G-spot orgasms
  • Flexible and firm, made of body-safe silky silicone
5 stars

This flexible, harness compatible, body safe toy is perfect for users looking for a great G-spot dildo.

2. The wizard of O’s

  • Nubs at the base for sublime clitoral climaxes
  • Powerful, perfectly curved for flawless G-spot stimulation
5 stars

I NEVER thought something so quiet could be so powerful! It's like a magic wand and realistic dildo in one.

3. The unicorn ride

  • Swirled texture for out-of-this-world pleasure
  • Amazingly strong suction cup for hands-free fun
5 stars

Stick it to the headboard, the tub, a chair or the floor, and ride this unicorn to your heart's content!

4. The Big game

  • Extra size and girth for full and deep satisfaction
  • Silky-soft silicone, flexible, and waterproof
5 stars

I can not stress just how much I absolutely love this toy! If you are looking for a good time or want to push your limits, this is the one for you.

5. The orgasm bender

  • Flexible and smooth to augment the pleasure of double penetration
  • Ideal length and size for a hot couples' adventure
5 stars

It is easily bent and twisted, which should help with positioning logistics. It is a great toy for any experience level.

6. The joyride

  • Both shafts are curved for bursting G-spot or P-spot orgasms
  • The two-way street of intense pleasure with every thrust
5 stars

If you are looking to ease into pegging or toy insertion of any kind with a partner, this is a great option.

7. The thrust lust

  • Powerful motors in each realistic shaft
  • Adjustable straps for any size and shape
5 stars

The design of this toy is fantastic. It gives full freedom for you to decide how you want to be pleased. Prepare for lift-off!

8. The bliss kiss

  • Sensuous curves to effortlessly hit the G-spot
  • Nubs and ridges along the shaft for enhanced stimulation
5 stars

The design of this toy is artistic and beautiful, orgasmic to the touch. Holding it in your hands, you'll quickly become transfixed on the texture, it's truly a work of art in itself.

9. The BUM hum

  • Flexible shaft and a wide base for safe anal use
  • Strong vibrations in the tip of the shaft to reach all the sweet spots
5 stars

This toy didn't just exceed my expectations, it blew them away. It's very strong, super quiet, waterproof, and has tons of settings.

10. Thunder wonder

  • Tingling electric impulses induce a powerful climax
  • Great for performing P-spot O's and Kegels
5 stars

This non-phallic shaped dildo will provide vaginal or anal stimulation like you never felt before.

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