It's Cold, It's Shiny, Rippled and Can Do Anybody In!

This tool can be used by both women and men. However, this review will be from a male's prospective.

I learned e-stim with the proper instrument could enhance one's sex life dramatically. So I chose these wand/dildo to achieve a few goals. I wanted to be firmer, larger and go longer while having intercourse. I will say after a month of regular use, I met those goals. And also an added bonus. I'm now able to go again and again like a spry youngster.
Beaded, smooth, alum-steel alloy, great for performing P spot O's and kegels effortlessly
A curved shape wand would be more effective and comfortable
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The Tingle e-stim wand is one of the 10 or so accessories that are compatible with the Eden ePlay electro-stim controller. If you are not familiar with the features of the control unit yet here is a link to my review on it: The little black box of pain... Pleasure? Or to improve one's sex life?

This non-phallic shaped dildo will provide vaginal or anal stimulation like you never felt before. Besides zapping body parts in BDSM play this can also be used for sexual pleasure. Women can use it vaginally to get an orgasm. Men can use it for prostate play and perform kegel exercises.

The firm beads give that nice "popping" feeling as they make their entrance. Once the current is turned on the fun really begins. With the settings on the e-stim controller, you will be able to experience tingling or sensuous erotic pulsing. This will bring more blood to those areas. That will heighten arousal and sensitivity.

Properly inserted the wand will also induce kegels in both women and men. Doing kegels on a regular basis of course has physical and sexual benefits.

Although this attachment can be enjoyed by both sexes, the review will be from a male's POV.
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Material / Texture

This beaded wand/dildo is made of aluminum alloy steel. It is non-porous, smooth and of course firm and hard. There are 5 balls/beads on the insertion end. Being so smooth you will fill delightful simulation as each of the beads enters you. And for added pleasure you can chill or warm it before play. Myself, I like the chilled sensation.

Important to note: There are no seams on this dildo.
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

My Measurements: 6 1/4" long x 1" wide
Insertable : 4 " to the end of beads. Although one can go another 1 3/4" deeper depending on how much of the handle goes in. (I think at least 1/4" should be left out for retrieval.)

Beads: 5 in total. Each 1" x 1"
Cord : 48" long
Weight of wand itself : 5.7 oz

The beaded part of this wand/dildo/probe provided great stimulation as it entered my backdoor. The rippling sensations w/o the current on made for some nice foreplay. The size was perfect for inducing kegels and P-spot stimulation in my rectum. As long as there is contact (with water-based gel/lubricant) the sensations will be felt. So if the chosen orifice is larger it will still work. Just angle it so 2 points of the wand touch your inner walls.
    • Futuristic
    • Partner play
    • Whimsical / artistic

Functions / Performance / Controls

The wand/dildo/instrument is the conductor of the current sent by the control unit. For a beginner I would say the intensity level is a 5 of 5 rating. After using it 3-4 times a few week for few weeks your spinster muscle gets stronger. After a month it may not be strong enough. So for an intermediate or advanced user the intensity may only be a 4/5.

The only sounds heard from this will be moans or cries from the user's mouth. The unit itself is silent.

This unit is bi-popular meaning a separate second contact is not needed. The black ring in between the 1st and 2nd rings need to make contact with body parts in conjunction with any other part of the metal wand.

Water-based lubricant/gel must be used in order to feel the stimulation. The thicker the better. Thicker gel will enable more current conductivity. Be sure to apply some onto the black ring.

black ring after the 1st bead
Black plastic ring after the 1st bead

I would advise not using this in or around water. You may get an unexpected mild shock. And definitely avoid getting water into the control unit.

End not water sealed
Bottom of wand not water sealed

Care and Maintenance

With its alloy material it is fairly easy to clean. Soap, water, toothbrush and toy cleaner is all you need. If you like you can submerge the wand part only in boiling water for 3-4 mins. Be careful as the wand will heat up being a great conductor of temperature.

Before using this in one's rectum best to clean out first with a water bulb or enema. If some debris does end up in between the beads use a tooth brush. I found rinsing, brushing then using a toy cleaner, works best.

This should be used with a water-based lubricant. The thicker the better as it will conduct more current. If you don't apply enough lubricant you will not get the desired sensations. Instead you will get a prickly stinging sensation instead of throbbing when set the control unit on massage or vibrating.
EF e stim control unit
When using the vibrating/massage/auto patterns be sure enough water-based gel/lubricant is applied to avoid stinging.

Probably the most important thing to be careful of is not to scratch or nick this. A deep enough scratch or nick will render this useless for orifice use.
    • Don't nick or scratch this !
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


I received this in a package deal. A control unit, metal cock rings and the dildo probe. The metal accessories came wrapped in white fiber paper to protect from them getting scratched. It came with a nice draw string storage pouch. There were no instructions though.

Personal comments

I really like using this probe with the throbbing patterns generated by the control unit. I plan on getting one of the anal plug next. I think the shape of a plug will enhance my P spot play and kegels.

While e-stim can be delightful one should abstain from using it if:

* You suffer from any form of heart condition, have broken skin, tissue where plan on using the accessory.
* And certainly do not use if you are pregnant or have a pace maker.

Perhaps in the distant future OW will try it for vaginal stimulation. I would be very interested and pleased if it brings her to orgasm.


This definitely requires a learning curve, patience and trial and error. If you don't make proper contact, you can get zapped. Such was the case in my first anal/ prostate foray. However, after a few trial and errors, I was able to master this wand attachment.

This is what I found worked best for me. Start with thick water-based lube like Slippery Stuff Gel. Lay sideways and insert the wand. Relax and get used to your new cold firm anal intruder.

1. For prostate massage: tilt tip of wand towards the prostate, leave end of wand on anus. Set control unit on tapping, then increase strength til you feel a nice massage on the P spot. Then switch setting to vibrating and again adjust the strength setting. A moderate pulsing was the best for me.

2. Kegels : Insert the entire wand to the last ball. Start with tapping and a low stretch setting. Move to Vibrating and increase strength setting very slowly until you feel you sphincter muscles squeezing on the end of the wand sticking out of your anus. Increase strength setting to highest you can tolerate. Now relax, watch the tube or listen to music as the E-stiming wand induces auto kegels for you. You may need to lower strength down as your muscle gets sore from squeezing on the hard metal wand. I usually last about 20 mins.

The speed in which you will perform kegels will depend on how much lube is on and how fast your sphincter relaxes back in shape. No contact with the wand = no contraction/kegel.

I have found getting a few P-spot Orgasms first and then doing the kegels works the best. When my anus is too sore from all that squeezing on the hard wand, I just want it out !

Bottom Line: I plan on using this on a regular basis. Effortless prostate O's and kegels. I can honestly say the P-spotting and kegels have helped me tremendously.

After little over a month of use (every other day) I'm now able to last longer during intercourse and go another round. Even OW says I'm firmer and thicker. My penis head is not only larger but much more sensitive. Most nights/early mornings, I awake several times from a huge woody. Sometimes I get lucky and OW lets me put it in again.
    • Kegel inducer
Follow-up commentary
I use this about once a week still. Mostly to perform Kegels while watching TV. And especially good to use after receiving anal. Tightens things back up in a hurry, if you know what I mean.

Metal is definitely better than silicone for performance!
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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  • Contributor: MrClark
    Thanks for taking the time to review this!! Definitely has me curious now.
  • Contributor: symbiasin
    You have that right, MrClark. With no directions, how do you take a weird machine and even make it work for you, and then explain it?

    You are to be congratulated, OH. A suggestion....would be helpful to use stick figures saying this part goes here and this part goes where?
  • Contributor: OH&W, Lovebears
    please read the review over again to learn where it goes.
    Thanks for glancing at this. I guess I should have used more pictures. I know many don't like to read long reviews. Only those really interested in purchasing the product.
  • Contributor: Gunsmoke
    Isn't it against company policy to put something in your ass without an adequate flange to keep from being sucked inside?
  • Contributor: OH&W, Lovebears
    Heya Gun,
    Good to see you pop in. Company policy . No fears of this getting sucked in. At least not in mine. It's so stiff and straight can only go so far. And there's a 48" cord attached to it.
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