Male masturbators

Masturbation is fun, but it can be taxing on the wrist. So why not give that tired wrist a rest and let a hands-free masturbator do the work? Or a realistic one? Or the one that does all the job for you, moving, heating, vibrating, moaning - even synching up to the spicy content you’re watching. Yes, male masturbators reign supreme in the world of male sex toys.

A male masturbator feels snug around you - some even go tighter if you command them to - and will move just like a real lover riding you. Having tireless motors and a fantastic mix of features, these masturbators can stroke and suck you at the same time.

Many masturbators feature a suction cup, meaning you can secure them on any surface and go to town hands-free. And the best part? Almost all of these auto masturbators are self-stroking, meaning they do all the work as you enjoy the king treatment. Give yourself more, allow yourself more pleasure, and cater to your every whim as you explore EdenFantasys’ guide to male masturbators.


Best Masturbators For Men On Sale At EdenFantasys

Sucking, stroking, tightening, heating and moaning - is there anything the male masturbators cannot do? EdenFantasys’ collection of male masturbators is chock full of things that will change your solo sessions, transform your intimate moments and make you transcend your bedroom performance, satisfying your wildest desires. It’s definitely better than your hand, and it sometimes is even better than the real thing - because of all of the crazy high-tech add-ons that make you feel in another universe of pleasure. Explore all the best masturbators we have in store, have fun with features and textures, and pick your trusty mastur-pal.

What Are Male Masturbators?

Male masturbators are sex toys for men designed to simulate the sensations of sexy time. They come in so many shapes and sizes, typically a sleeve or a tunnel, made from materials that mimic the texture and feel of real skin or an upgraded version of it, with exciting ridges and bumps. These toys provide intense stimulation to your entire length, sometimes even beyond it, making them a favorite among men looking to enhance their self-love experiences.

What Makes Male Masturbators The Best Sex Toys For Men?

Male masturbators are by far the most popular and the most advanced amongst male sex toys and probably sex toys in general. But what makes them so special?

  • Sinfully Realistic Sensations. High-quality materials such as TPE or silicone have a skin-like quality to them, responsive to the heat of your body, offering a sensation that closely mimics the real deal.
  • Mind-Blowing Versatility. With a wide range of designs and functions, masturbators cater to countless fantasies, starting from a whole range of sex positions they can imitate, and ending with a plethora of high-end, high-tech bells and whistles such as stroking, sucking, squeezing, that hone your experience to perfection.
  • Better Performance. Masturbation in general, but these toys, in particular, help improve your stamina and control, giving you more confidence and allowing you to last way longer.
  • Convenience. Despite the appeared trickiness, masturbators are portable, discreet, and easy to clean. Many of them don’t look like what they are, meaning it’s easy to store them. And most of all, having a favorite masturbator at hand means you can score the best orgasm anytime you feel like it, with no stress or strain.

What Are The Juiciest Male Masturbators Types?

From small and soft sleeves to huge and beautiful realistic molds, from simple male vibrators to super intricate auto masturbators, you can choose the babe that stirs your imagination.

Pocket Pussy

These are the simplest masturbator type, usually consisting of a soft, textured realistic sleeve, aka the pocket pussy. It’s the most basic upgrade to any hand-some session you’ve ever had, but what an upgrade it is! You control the speed and intensity, giving you complete control over your pleasure.

Vibrating Masturbators

Adding thrilling vibro patterns to your pleasure, vibrating masturbators include built-in motors that provide various vibration patterns and intensities. These can be particularly effective for those who enjoy extra stimulation.

Automatic Masturbators

Also known as auto male masturbators, these devices are self-stroking, meaning you have to lay back, relax and let it do all the work.

Realistic Vaginas

Designed to mimic the look and feel of a real vagina, mouth, or booty, natural feel masturbators are larger, often featuring more realistic details than just the opening - like buttcheeks or thighs - plus they mimic your favorite positions, like Doggy or Missionary.

Hands-Free Masturbators

These come with a suction cup base, allowing you to attach them to any flat surface for hands-free pleasure. They are perfect for shower play or bedroom adventures. They allow you to enjoy pleasure without using your hands - if you know what we mean.

The Most Delicious Features Of EdenFantasys’ Male Masturbators

Aside from being strikingly beautiful or tech-savvy, these male masturbators packs some amazing features that add to your enjoyment.

Textured Tunnels

Many male masturbators come with textured interiors designed to enhance pleasure by simulating different sensations, from soft ridges to intense nubs.

Adjustable Tightness

Some models allow you to adjust the tightness either automatically or via actually squeezing the toy, providing a customizable and seductive experience.

Heating Functions

For a more vivid, realistic feel, some masturbators include heating elements that warm the toy to body temperature.

Powerful Suction

Not just stroking or vibrating - these masturbators create a vacuum suction around you, making it feel like the most intense BJ of your life.

Interactive Features

Smart masturbators can sync with VR or interactive videos, providing an immersive experience that reacts to what you're watching. They also feature app control, meaning you can tailor the patterns and functions to your taste and also let your partner play with you long distance.

Do Male Masturbators Actually Boost Your Performance?

Yes of course. Regular use of a masturbator can help you build sex stamina and control, allowing you to last longer during actual intercourse. Moreover, using a masturbator can improve blood flow to the penis, which may enhance your boners over time.

Knowing you have control over your pleasure makes you feel more confident, and when you are confident, you are god-like in bed.

How to Use Male Masturbators?

There is no right or wrong way to play with a masturbator - there are just some tips that will make your experience smoother - if you know what we mean.

  1. Lubrication: Always use a generous amount of water-based lubricant to ensure a smooth and pleasurable experience.
  2. Start Slow: Begin with gentle movements or lower vibration settings to get used to the sensations.
  3. Experiment: Try different speeds, angles, and features to discover what you enjoy the most.
  4. Relax: Take your time and focus on the pleasure, allowing yourself to enjoy the experience fully.

Where To Buy The Best Masturbators?

From EdenFantasys awesome collection, of course. Not only do we stock an amazing range of products that fit any preference, any size, any fantasy, but we also do it with style, offering a ton of amazing ideas and advice for a better experience. Not to mention the constant deal and free shipping, of course. With our 70K+ review base, you get to read feedback from real people and make the best choice.

FAQs About Male Masturbators

How to clean your masturbator?

Proper cleaning of your masturbator is very important for maintaining hygiene and ensuring it serves you well. Start by removing any batteries or electronic components if your masturbator has them. Rinse the toy with warm water immediately after use to remove any residue. Use a mild, antibacterial soap or the EdenFantasys toy cleaner to wash both the interior and exterior thoroughly.

Can you use a masturbator as a couple?

You bet! Bringing a masturbator into couple play opens up a new universe you and your partner can explore together. One partner can use the masturbator on the other, exploring different techniques and sensations - and that is the greatest foreplay ever. Watching your partner use the masturbator can be incredibly arousing and can help build anticipation and connection - as long as the second partner has a toy, too.

And finally, you can tackle the threesome experience, imagining your male masturbator is a guest star of your scenario. This way you get to recreate a fantasy without actually inviting a third person into you bedroom.

How to make sure your masturbator fits your penis size?

Start by measuring your penis length and girth to get accurate dimensions. EdenFantasys mentions tunnel depths on almost every single masturbator, meaning it would be super easy to match yourself to the options that will work for you. Remember - some masturbators come with adjustable tightness or inserts that can be modified to suit your size better.