Best And Most Rad Sex Toys For Men

Welcome to our smashing OrgasmCon list, where only the superstars of male sex toys are gathered - so get ready to meet them all. Ultra strong sex stamina, vividly realistic sensations during a solo session, explosive life-like stimulation, sensual and healthy prostate massage, even bigger penis - there is hardly anything the bad boys on this list are unable to do. Delve into this shiny collection of the best sex toys for men and pick yourself a couple of trusty pals.



This cowboy is about to become your best MasturPAL! Scout is a programmable vibrating hands-free masturbator with sensual petals on the inside for one-of-a-kind stimulation and the airlock feature for outstanding suction and pressure. Once you go Scout, you never go back.


This is great for hands-free long lasting penile stimulation. It is waterproof so can be used for shower or tub.


The Love
Ring Of Power

Having a hard time synchronize your orgasms with your lover? This vibrating penis ring prevails at closing the orgasm gap once and for all, providing strong support and a reliable hard-on for him while pampering her with a bursting clit stimulation from a rabbit-style attachment.


This is our favorite sex toy thus far. It helps my wife reach orgasm multiple times every time we use it.


The All-Covering
Prostate Massager

It's absurd to argue with how crucial is prostate massage for male health - but it's also impossible to overlook its orgasmic potential. This mega ergonomic P-spot massager features countless functions and thrilling vibration patterns that arrive directly to your P-spot thanks to the thoughtful bulbed shaft. There's an added bonus - supes sensual perineum stimulation for all-around arousal.


The design of this from the curve to the positioning of the vibration spots are perfect! The size also makes it easy to use for extended times.


The Penis Pump
That Keeps
You Pumped

Penis pumps are to men's sex toys what the lamp was to all the other treasures - work it and they'll make your dreams come true. This automatic penis pump is for those who dream big - it can increase your girth and length, and even straighten some minor curvatures - and all of that absolutely hands-free and safe with easy controls and quick release options.

Compared to a manual pump this is so much better. It’s much easier to hold and to control with a single hand, and it can also enhance an orgasm by increasing your blood flow to the area.


The Overpowering
Penis Extension

Throwing on a couple of inches in mere seconds - not a problem for this little monster among sex toys for men. It snaps tightly around the penis, making it the erection feel harder and larger, with a cock ring for better grip. But mainly, it turns your dick into a revved-up rabbit vibrator, with an ergonomic clitoral attachment ready to tease and pound her to 7th Heaven.

My wife has got extreme pleasure me using this on her. Tantalizing clitoral stimulation and the extra length made her climax like she never could before.


The Rimming
Plug Rim Dream

If you never experienced anilingus, you are missing out a lot. This rimming butt plug is your savior - with a row of robust rotating beads in the neck, it treats you to an ultra-realistic rimming experience while also massaging the P-spot with strong vibration. The best part - this superhero is remote-controlled and packed with a suction cup, so you can ride it comfortably while effortlessly surfing through patterns.

Beads stimulating the most sensitive backdoor spots, powerful internal vibration and a wireless remote to boot. It's a fun and unique anal plug. I would definitely recommend trying it out.


Realistic Masturbator

If what you're lacking during your me-time is life-likeness, this baby was made for you. Seductive angles, hyperrealistic coating, and shockingly thorough detailing makes this realistic vagina a best friend for those guys who love to practice their "motion of the ocean". Plus, this beauty has something to hold on to while thrusting, if you know what we mean.

This is a great toy for any guy. Whether you are solo or part of a couple, it can add some much-needed relief, as well as maybe some visual stimulation for your partner.


The Intimate
Pocket Pussy

Sometimes it feels nice to be sure your pleasure's at hand. This pocket pussy will always be by your side. Clad in protective plastic, this gorgeous stress reliever features many-patterned strong vibration and delightfully textured interior - just what you need for a quickie solo session.

The Vibrating Pussy with a discreet design is fantastic and would make an excellent first-time masturbator for anyone. So slip your cock in, turn the vibes on, close your eyes and let the fantasies begin.



Technology never ceases to amaze us and pleasure tech is no different. The launch of Flip Zero greatly expands one's blissful horizons. Armed with the two powerful motors, this bad boy is bound to rock your world and enhance your sensations.

It has yielded some of the best orgasms I've had in quite a few years.


The High Luxury

PULSE is a high-class vibrating toy ensuring enormous pleasure without a single stroke required. Innovative, powerful oscillations induce unique prolonged orgasm in no time, making it a truly next-generation masturbator.

Oh my goodness, this is the most badass toy directed at male satisfaction I have tested! I haven’t seen him ejaculate with such force since we married 16 years ago.

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