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The Auto Pussy is a fun and stimulating toy that is designed to provide an effort-free masturbation experience, and it does the job very well. This toy is powerful but very loud. Auto Pussy has is difficult at first to clean, but once you learn the process, it becomes fairly simple. Unfortunately, no instructions are included, and the packaging (while discreet) was lacking any diagrams. Overall a very fun experience is offered if one has the patience to deal with the cleaning process.
Incredible feeling and very powerful!
Hard at first to clean, very loud, and very tight entrance.
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The Auto Pussy is designed to be mostly hands-free. You can use one or both hands to hold on. This toy does not require you to manually stroke, but it is entirely possible. Once inserted into the Auto Pussy, there are three settings (low, medium, and high). This toy can be used in just about any occasion, with or without a partner. A partner could hold it and provide a completely hands-free experience. I would caution using this in a house or apartment with roommates, for it is really loud!

Material / Texture

Auto Pussy is made from a TPR (sleeve) and a hard plastic outer shell. The Auto Pussy's sleeve is soft and designed to feel like real flesh, and it does the job well. The exterior is shaped like vaginal lips and is free of any paints or coloring that could potentially come off/wear off. The interior has many bumps or flaps to stimulate. The texture is fairly moderate, but should not overstimulate, which could be uncomfortable. The entrance is super tight, but with a good amount of lube and a can-do attitude, one should have no problem entering. The interior of the sleeve is quite a bit looser, unlike Fleshlights and other handheld strokers, which maintain a fairly close grip. It is not too loose, but it is just not as tight as many others, which would be great for those who do not want to be overstimulated. The material can become a little sticky when wet. You can throw some corn starch on this after you dry it to restore the flesh-like feeling. It is recommended to use a water-based lubricant. Beware, though, DO NOT use an oil-based lube with TPE/TPR!

As mentioned earlier, The Auto Pussy is made from Thermoplastic Rubber (Also known as TPR & TPE). Thermoplastic Rubber is a blend that exhibits a thermoplastic characteristic. Thermoplastic Rubber is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and phthalate-free. While TPR is less porous than Cyberskin, it is usually more so than Silicone. TPR has been used to produce a wide variety of textures, which include bicycle handles, toothbrushes, and some children's toys.

Being that the material is porous in nature, one should not share this with anyone, and using a condom is also recommended due to this toy being unable to be completely sterilized.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

This toy is wonderful, and at times wonderfully frustrating. One of the largest downfalls of the Auto Pussy is the design makes cleaning an incredibly frustrating experience. However, once you do get the process down, it is easy to clean, instructions would have come in handy (none are included).

The size of the Auto Pussy is fairly large but is also fairly light in weight. Even with the 3 triple A batteries the Auto Pussy is still pretty lightweight. The user should not have any issues with their limbs tiring. The entrance to the Auto Pussy is fairly tight and can be a tad troublesome to enter, but with a good amount of lube, you should have no problems. Once inside the sleeve, it is fairly loose, but still should be accommodating for users of all sizes. Once the power button is pressed on, and the Auto Pussy is operating, the looseness is almost unnoticeable. This toy can be used by beginners or experienced users alike.

Traveling with this toy is possible, but I would limit that to car or boat travel, you never know how this would show up on an x-ray scanner as it does have mechanical parts. Another tip, do NOT throw away the plastic part at the top of the sleeve when you receive it. This can be washed and replaced, and without it the sleeve is exposed to open air.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Auto Pussy has pretty standard controls, press and hold power on, and a separate button to switch between the speed settings. On the lowest setting, this toy is loud, but on the highest setting, it is very very loud. Take caution if you live with others, as this makes a very loud sound that could bring about awkward questions. Most similar toys are not realistic, and this is no different, that being said, it still feels great. I do not believe this is meant to have a realistic feel, I believe it is to stimulate the user in the most efficient way.

Care and Maintenance

Auto Pussy is not an easy toy to clean. Unfortunately, this toy does not come with instructions, so the user is kind of left to discover the toy. To clean this toy, one must open the hard shell and remove the inner sleeve. For this, follow the steps below.

1. Unscrew the red oval ring at the top of the toy near the entrance.
2. Pull upward on the part of the toy with the "Edenfantasys" logo.
3. Remove the sleeve.
4. Use anti-bacterial soap and rinse thoroughly.
5. Place the sleeve back in the shell, line up the bottom markings (ring) with the sleeve head)
6. Snapback in place and screw the red oval ring back into place.

Once you get down the process, it is fairly simple! Do not forget to throw a touch of corn starch on the head of the sleeve to help maintain the flesh-like feel.
    • Hard to clean


I had a very good time with the Auto Pussy. There were three settings that can provide for a good experience. A lot of auto toys have tons of settings, which can be great, or you could be like me and just want to find the highest setting and be done with it! As such, I enjoyed the highest/fastest setting. I am usually skeptical of "auto" toys. The highest setting isn't usually very high, but thankfully the Auto Pussy was different. The high setting was amazing, and exactly what a high setting should be. I wanted this thing to beat me like I insulted its grandparents, and it did, and I was very, very happy!

The cleaning experience was the exact opposite. Cleaning this toy without instructions was a frustrating process. I actually was stumped on how to clean it. At first, I assumed that you just remove the head and it was like a Fleshlight, I was wrong! There are no indention or markings on the device that would make clear on how to open it. After getting it open, getting it closed was another chore. The first time I struggled to get it closed, but I finally lined it up correctly. The second time playing around with this toy was different. I thought I broke it. Everything fell apart! The bottom fell out, and I could see the inner workings of the device. This would not have happened if I did not have the case open, so it won't fall apart mid-use. I was able to snap it all back together, but it was a scary moment.

Overall The Auto Pussy provided me with a really good experience. I did have my issues with it, but when it is in use and working as it is intended, it really provides one of the best sensations. The drawbacks are there, but overall it is a good experience, and once you learn how to properly clean it, the easier it gets.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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