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How to Choose Vibrators

Why To Buy Vibrators
Vibrations allow reaching orgasm faster and more easily. Many women, who were unable to climax before, reported success when using vibrators. Use of vibrators improves a couple's experience resulting in better relationships and sense of wellbeing. Details
What Vibrators are Best for Me?
Certain vibrator types are geared for particular stimulation. Vibrators for penetration usually have an elongated cylindrical body while outer vibrators have wider stimulation area. For dual action, inside and out, try rabbits. Learn about vibrator types and stimulation here
What's the Safest Vibrator Material
Vibrators are being made out of a huge variety of materials. Some of them are soft and some have hard surface. We always recommend choosing phthalate and latex free vibrators. To find out if your vibrator is safe look for material safety rank on product pages. Find out more about vibrator materials

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Vibrator Guide

Why To Buy Vibrators. Vibrator Health Benefits

Up to 35% of women usually don't reach orgasm during masturbation, and up to 70% of women cannot orgasm from penetrative intercourse alone. Orgasm is important for our bodies and overall health. The rush of endorphins caused by orgasm relaxes muscles and helps with stress. PC muscle contractions and increased blood flow improve vaginal and urinary system health. Climaxing can relieve pain associated with pre-menstrual syndrome and even migraines. Use vibrators to achieve faster and easy orgasms and get all health benefits from sexual pleasure.

What Vibrators are Best for Me? Popular Vibrator Types

Classic Vibrators

Classic Vibrators These vibrators usually have a cylindrical stick like shape. They are very convenient to use for penetration but you can use them on any area you like. Classic vibrators are great for first time vibrator users.

What's a G-spot Vibrator?

G-spot Vibrators G-spot is located 2-3 inches inside on the upper vaginal wall and basically is a 1 inch spot containing a lot of nerve endings, which when stimulated create amazing sensations. G-spot vibrators have a shape that makes it easy to reach and stimulate this area. Usually they feature a curved shape or larger tips for increased G-spot pressure.

How Rabbit Vibrators Work

Rabbit Vibrators Rabbits are the most popular vibrators as they provide both types of stimulation: clitoral and vaginal. Many rabbit vibrators feature rotating shafts or rotating beads providing amazing G-spot stimulation. For those who prefer vibration in and out there are dual motors rabbits. Discover our best rabbit vibes

Clitoral Vibrators

Clitoral Vibrators Most clit vibrators have wider stimulation area to cover your entire labia, some of them have narrower tips for pinpoint clitoral pleasure. These vibrators are smaller and ergonomically shaped to act as an extension of your palm and fingers.

Egg and Bullet vibrators

Egg and Bullet vibrators These all time favorites feature bullet or egg shape, control pack or buttons and have powerful motors inside. The modern vibrator industry releases amazing variety of vibrating bullets and eggs so if you prefer their rounded shape you can find the perfect vibrating egg and bullet for yourself.

What's the Safest Vibrator Material

Elastomer: TPR and TPE

Very soft, featuring bright colors these vibrators don't contain phthalate and latex and are hypoallergenic. However the elastomers are very porous so they need to be cleaned with soap and water and are not good for sharing between orifices.

Hard Plastic

Very popular material in vibrators hard plastic has smooth or velvety surface. Plastic transmits vibrations pretty well so if you want to feel all the power a plastic vibrator might be a good choice. Such vibrators are hypoallergenic and body safe however the plastic might deteriorate after long term use. In any case these vibrators are very budget friendly and a great option for beginners.

Silicone vibrators

Silicone is the king of vibrator materials; it is soft and velvety to the touch warming up very quickly. Hypoallergenic, non-porous silicone is totally body safe. You can even sterilize your vibrator with bleach solution. The silicone is extremely resistant to wear and silicone vibrators will serve you long time. See our material guide

Important Vibrator Features

Waterproof Vibes

If you like to take your pleasure in the bathtub or shower look for waterproof vibrators. Most women relax easily in the bath and it makes masturbation much more enjoyable. See waterproof vibrators

Remote Control Vibes

These vibrators feature wireless remote control allowing you to adjust vibration remotely. Usually such controls have 15 feet range so it is a great choice for couples and for sexy fun in public. See remote control vibes

Rechargeable Vibrators

Don't like batteries? Some vibrators come with a battery inside that can be charged via USB or electric outlet. Rechargeable vibrators might be expensive but they will save you a fortune on batteries. Explore rechargeable vibes

Multispeed and multifunctional

Such vibrators allow incorporating different experiences in one toy. You can adjust vibrations speeds with multispeed vibration and even enjoy vibrating patterns that some women find more arousing than steady vibration. See multispeed and multifunctional
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