Massage gun Gun wand vibrator

Catalog ID: BW055013
Vibration Power: Intense
Noise level: Low
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Product: Massage gun
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Color: Purple
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What makes it awesome

  • The punching power of this chic massager gun shoots wild orgasms in 5 mins or less when pressed between your thighs.
  • Take for a spin all 7 vibration modes at 5 speeds, ranging from a murmur to thunder-like.
  • The flexible head seems to find your horny spot by itself, from any angle.
  • Hold on hard to this orgasm-shooting gun massager by its no-slip ribbed handle, guiding it where you need it.

Vibration power 5 | 5. Strong and highly intense vibrations that stimulate powerfully. May be too intense for some.

Noise Level 2 | 5. Low, soft, "white noise" hum, similar to a cell phone's vibration, that can be heard from underneath the covers but not through a closed door.

A closer look

Starting at your sore neck and shoulders, sending lip-biting impulses down and beyond, the vibration of this massage gun relieves tension while building up arousal. When going lower and grazing the sensitive skin on your inner thighs, it becomes more intense and more demanding. And when it finally aims at your wetness, either led by your hand or by your partner's desire, it overpowers drowning you in a huuuuuge orgasm. You explode in million pieces, only to come back together again, still longing for more.

How it works

Vibration Map

  • Gentle
  • Moderate
  • Intense

Enjoy the mind-fuzzying 5 out of 5 vibration intensity

Emits a whisper-like 2 out of 5 level noise

Functions: 7 vibration patterns / Multispeed

Special Features: Gifts / Waterproof

Built-in control pad for one-hand operation

Powered By: Rechargeable

Charged with USB cable. Spare cable available here

Care and cleaning: Clean before and after use / Soap and water / Toy cleaner

How it measures

The discreet, travel-friendly 5 3/4" length

Circumference: 5"

Diameter: 1 5/8"

Weight: 16 oz

How it feels

Silicone material for a high-end experience

Smooth texture for gliding with less lube

Safety features: Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Phthalates free

Non-porous material doesn't harbor bacteria

Ordering Details

Manufacturer: EdenFantasys

Catalog ID: BW055013

How it looks

Color: Purple

Product Manual

  • This is an incredibly strong massage gun and will work out all the kinks you may have in your muscles. However, go slow and be gentle with any other areas as you may find this to simply be too powerful.

  • This is a must-have whether you need some quick muscle relief or a full body massage. It feels amazing everywhere!

  • If you're looking for something really turbo-powered, this vibe is probably right up your alley!

  • The product information mentions getting an orgasm in 5 minutes or less, and this massage gun definitely delivered on that promise. It was probably 30 seconds before I was cumming, and it was HARD.

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