10 Best Vibrators to Get You to 7th Heaven

10 Best Vibrators to Get You To 7th Heaven

If you are in the market for your first vibrator or want to add something new to your toy collection, look no further. We put together a list of 10 best vibrators based on the toy versatility, unique functions, and durability.

1. The suction guru

We tend to put a lot of expectations on oral sex. It has to be overwhelming, passionate, and orgasmic. Womanizer pro40 is everything you dream an oral master can be - never tiring, luxurious, always on the right spot with skillful sucking techniques, granting your desires without you having to say a word. Ah, a dream come true.

...the intense sensations were akin only to the best oral sex I’ve ever experienced, the kind which takes years to perfect with a generous lover.

Reviewer: Lucy Plummer

2. The naughty adventurer

A stunning pocket-sized orgasm on the go - how awesome is that? You want the toy to be discreet, rechargeable, and quiet so that you could have fun anytime anyplace. Easy to use and convenient, adventure egg has it all. And the remote control makes it a brilliant foreplay option for when you feel especially frisky on your date night. Go! Explore the world of sex with it.

It's pretty powerful, rechargeable, excitingly travel-friendly, and awesomely comfortable to use.

Reviewer: purpleness

3. The G-spot hunter

Hunting down a G-spot orgasm is a challenge even for the experienced players. It requires persistence, dedication, strong pressure, and astonishing accuracy. Bring in a professional for that. Ergonomically curved, powerful, with fabulous finger-like shaft motion up its sleeve, Sweet Indulgence knows no mercy. You’ll be shooting blasting G-spot orgasms in no time.

...internal and external stimulation at the same time?...a strong silky smooth rabbit vibrator that hits all the right spots perfectly.

Reviewer: Kipperanne

4. The C thumper

Lovely, reliable, ergonomic, eco-friendly, and 100% orgasmic - is that too much to ask of a single toy? The C bunny has all that. Discreet and rechargeable, easy to control and loaded with a powerful vibe, it delivers intense thumping right where you need it. Why settle for something less, when you can have a blasting bunny-provided orgasm?

Looking for a cute, portable, rechargeable toy that can tantalize your clitoris in a variety of ways while remaining in an affordable price point? You've found the right item!

Reviewer: mjtheprincess

5. The love connector

A simultaneous orgasm, like a compromise, might be a tough thing to reach. We-Vibe Unite can make it happen. The ergonomic curve allows We-Vibe to easily fit between two bodies, bringing them together, stimulating the C-spot and closing the orgasm gap. Synchronizing passion was never that easy.

It combines pleasure and connection, and that’s what makes for the best sex and the best relationships.

Reviewer: Sandra LaMorgese Ph.D.

6. The powerful dream maker

A real-life intercourse is quite energy consuming, so why not rely on an extra source of power? Opt for Stronic Drei. Not only does it have insanely powerful vibrations and perfect G-spot aim, but it also thrusts. By itself. Stronic is so powerful that it doesn’t stop at all, no matter how tightly you squeeze your PC muscles. E voila - you have a selfless thruster doing all the hard work, letting you enjoy your Os.

Multi-use toy for her and him. The ‘Mercedes’ of sex toys! Soon to be your new best friend!

Reviewer: OH&W, Lovebears

7. The miracle worker

How marvelous would it be to have a soothing massage and a blasting climax in one package? We’re not talking made-up wonders here because the Magic Force is very real. Its immense power is legend-worthy, the large flexible head guarantees full coverage of the clitoris and the labia, while the variety of attachments turn it into a fairytale wand of pleasure. Fantastic for sore shoulders, too.

The Magic Force is an adjustable hand-held wand that can get the job done regardless of what that job may be... It is a very versatile wand and is perfect for everyone.

Reviewer: unfulfilled

8. The pleasure explorer

Remember that feeling when you're trying to scratch the itch but failing to reach it? Frustrating, to say the least. The Heartbreaker rabbit puts an end to that. Full of revving power and featuring luxurious texture, the shaft of this rabbit reaches deep and thrusts hard to stimulate the very core of your G-spot. The elongated clitoral attachment fits any anatomy, caressing both the C-spot and the labia. Your pleasure zones just can’t hide from the Heartbreaker.

If you're looking for an intense level of vaginal stimulation, this is the toy you've been looking for.

Reviewer: wrecklesswords

9. The blended O player

A perfect synergy of an overwhelmingly sensational blended orgasm - that’s what Eden's Wild Bunny brings to the table. Arousing vibrations in the shaft offer remarkable G-spot stimulation, rotating beads work up the vaginal walls for full pleasure coverage, while the attachment masterfully delivers a strong buzz to the C-spot. Blending the best and never blending in - is this toys motto.

This Bunny is amazing. I love love love it. I would recommend it to everyone to spice things up, or just for us, ladies, with that high appetite for pleasure.

Reviewer: Experiencing The Sexual Pleasures of Life

10. The orgasmic multitasker

Multitasking by yourself is tiresome, but this Playful rabbit in your hands is a total game changer. The rotating beads and the strong vibration in the shaft cover all the hot spots inside of you, the beads of the anal attachment fill you up nicely, while gently stretching, and the rabbit attachment buzzes all around your clitoris. That's how the power of multitasking brings you a triple orgasm.

This is a great toy for beginners who are interested in trying a double penetration toy.

Reviewer: Princess-Kayla
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