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#MasturbationMonth is the time to rediscover your love for yourself. This May, you will get your hands on pleasure and supercharge your one-night-hands with our handy me-time guides.


Want to indulge yourself in a little wank? Do it in style! This is the list of the most exquisite high-end sex toys. that are designed to make you burst with pleasure.

Choose Fap Gems
10 Women’s Toys For A Delicious Onesome


Better Than Shower Heads: It’s not just about flicking the bean, ladies. There are so many creative ways to please yourself, and this is a list of gorgeous toys that’ll make you moan - over and over again.

Take A Dive
How To Choose Masturbator For A Wank-tastic Session


Beat It: If before it was just beating the meat for you, it’s time to try a new approach. Take the most out of your “table for one” experience and learn how to choose the most ace gadgets for you fun-for-one.

Equip The Onesome
How To Teach Yourself To Squirt With Sex Toys


Let It Out: Add a flowy dimension to your orgasmic experience and get in full tune with your body. This month, use our SQUIRT-acious guide and gush-worthy tips to sail the waves of bliss.

Go With The Flow
7 Jerk-off Techniques For Waxing The Weasel


Get Handy: Think you know your masturbation session like the back of your hand? Well, then it’s time to spruce it up a bit. Here are seven MORE ways to flogging the log, and you know you’d want to get handy with them.

Jerk It
How To Ride Suction Cup Dildos For Max Delight


Stick To Me-Time: Hands-free and fun, realistic and 100% orgasmic - that’s what you need to know about riding suction cup dildos for self-inflicted Os. Ride straight to this awesome guide to know more.

Ride To O Town
How To Have Life-Like Solo Fun With Realistic Vaginas


Cumming True: When your onesome feels lovesome, and you want to grab it, smack it, thrust it - realistic va-jay-jays is your top-notch choice. Learn how to choose those cheeky, silky, gorgeous babes in this guide.

Hump The Fantasy

Vibrator How To's

Sexual Health

Sex Toys Explained

  • 10 Best G-spot Sex Toys That Never Miss The Spot

    While some struggle finding the G-spot and unleashing the great orgasmic potential it holds, you are about to learn how to hit the bullseye every time. This G-orgeous list of sexy snipers holds every sex toy you may need on your orgasmic hunt.

  • 10 Best Dildos You'd Love To Ride

    There's hardly something more reliable than a good ol' dildo. Whether you want a perfect orgasmic ride, some straddling or even high-class thrusting - you will definitely find your dildo-licious pick in this list of best dildos!

  • 10 Best Luxury Vibrators For Steamy Couple’s Play

    A couple who comes together, stays together. This is a lavish list of little power-upping couple's sex toys that'll make your shared orgasms shine brighter.

  • Best Sex Toys For Couples

    Explore the best sex toys for couples and find something that will bring your love life to a whole new orgasmic level.

  • 10 Best And Most Rad Sex Toys For Men

    Bigger, stronger, harder, more intense. These sex toys for men are the best of the best - and all gathered in this list for your convenience. Dive in to explore and experience every high-tech gadget any boy would love to have in his toy box.

  • 10 Most Gorgeous Sex Toys For Women

    Ever wondered how you can do one thing and get 10 in return? Well, be prepared to meet this guide - one quick reading will let you in on the most orgasmic insights. Best sex toys for women ever made, astonishing functions, guaranteed orgasms - they're all here.

  • How To Choose The Best Sex Toy: 4 Burning Questions [Eden Forum Discussions' Summary]

    We’ve gathered the most awesome insights to answer the 4 most popular questions people have when buying sex toys. Explore tips from experienced sex toy users and save time and money when choosing a sex toy of your dreams.

  • Ergonomics of Toys

    While sex toy designers invest into R&D, classic toy shapes continue to deliver fantastic results.

  • Which Sex Toy Material Is The Best: Silicone, Glass And The Rest

    Learn more about your pleasure: explore sex toy materials, learn why silicone sex toys and sex toys made of glass are the top best and find out how to choose the perfect toy you need.

  • Sex toy care and cleaning guide

    How to take care of your toy.

  • How Realistic Toys Are Made

    Take a glimpse behind the curtain of sex toys' making of and discover how your favorite shapes are molded

  • Temperature Play with Glass and Metal Dildos

    Playing hot'n'cold has never been that fun. Heating up and cooling down glass dildos is even more fun than it sounds - especially if you got a blindfold. Dive in to discover more about temperature play and be prepared for new orgasmic sensations.

  • How To Choose The Best Sex Lubricant

    Smooth and slippery - that's how we like our firework-loaded sexy time. Choosing the right sex lubricant is no joke - lube is vital to the all bedroom play. Here you will learn to pick the right sex lube and match it to your fave sex toys.

  • Waterbased Vs. Silicone Lubes

    Learn the difference between most popular lubricants. And choose the best for you.

  • Suction Cup Dildos

    The most toe-curling orgasms don’t need the touch of your hands if you have a good suction cup dildo. Learn about the amazing versatility, choose the best suction cup dildo for you and stick it to ride to your heart’s content hands-free!

  • Green Loving

    7 steps to make your love life Earth friendly while having more fun.

  • Guide To Male Masturbators

    Enjoy your solo session even more with these men friendly sex toys.

  • Realistic Vaginas - Experience The Fantasy

    Discover how to choose realistic vaginas and discover ways to pleasure yourself just the way you’ve always wanted, bringing your hottest fantasies to life.

  • How To Get A Bigger Penis: The Best Penis Enlargement Tips

    Learn how to make your penis bigger safely and with a speck of pleasure. Explore all the penis enlargement tips in our smart guide and grab the best sex toys that will not only make your penis larger but also bring the most awesome orgasms.

  • How To Choose The Best Penis Pump To Get Bigger

    Gone are all the creepy penis enlargement solutions - welcome the glorious penis pump. In just a few sessions with this high tech sex toy, your penis will get bigger and girthier. Dive in to learn how to choose the perfect penis pump and pick your fave type.

  • How To Choose Best Nipple Clamps For Ace Breast Play

    Nipples - we all have them, we all love playing with them. But how about going a bit beyond kissing and touching and nibbling? Outstanding nipple clamps and teasers and suckers from this guide have all the might you need to aim for the fabled nipplegasm.

  • Harness Guide

    If you are new to strap on sex then this guide is for you.

  • Guide To Erotic Spanking And Whipping For Beginners

    Exciting sounds of the smacks, a naked butt getting juicy pink with every swat - spanking is an incredibly arousing experience, especially if you know how to spank. Explore this guide to sex spanking, discover the handiest sex tools, and pick a couple of toys for your play!

  • How to Safely Use Gags to Enhance Sexual Experience

    This guide will help you choose the right gag and use them safely, bringing your bedroom games to a whole new level.

  • A guide to the world of BDSM

    Explore BDSM for more fun and pleasure. Find how to make your kinky play full of sensations and safe.

  • Dos and Don'ts of toy ownership

    Follow these guidelines to keep it safe, comfortable and hot using sex toys.

  • Sex Toy Certification Guide

    A no-nonsense explanation of Sex Toy Product Certifications. Be informed so you can make informed decisions.

  • Hyperstimulation with Sex Toys

    Explore hyperstimulation with sex toys for the most intense sensations and achieve new levels of pleasure with EdenFantasys, your source for all things sexy.

  • How Dildo Shape Works

    Discover what dildo shape choose to achieve results you desire.

  • How Big My Dildo Should Be?

    Size does matter. Find out why. Pay attention to the toy size and you will get the fantastic experience.

  • Does Your Dildo Measure Up? Dildo Size-Guide You Need [EdenForum Discussions’ Summary]

    How hard could it be - choosing a dildo of a perfect size? EdenFantasys Community believes it's much trickier than it seems. Jump on this guide to learn how to choose the right length and girth for your dildo.

  • What Are Cock Rings For?

    Find out how cock rings can enhance your sexual experiences.

  • 7 Fun Ways To Wear A Cock Ring

    Learn 7 different ways to wear a cock ring for results that you need. Learn more about cock rings and other toys from EdenFantasys, online home for the most popular sex toy community.

  • 10 Sex boosters for couples

    Keeping sex life fresh and satisfying is extremely important for couples' romantic relationship. EF is here to help with a list of 10 sex toys for couple you can try to keep yours in the best shape possible.

  • 10 Best Vibrators

    Versatile and efficient, our 10 best vibrators may be just what you are looking for.

  • Intensify Your Sex Life With Electro Stimulation

    What, how and where – you'll find answers to all your questions on Electro-stim to relieve your concerns and open door into a world of magical electro orgasms

  • The ABC of Electro Stimulation Toys

    There are no taboos anymore, the shocking pleasure is all yours, and electricity is now your best sexual friend. Electro-stimulation toys enable you to enjoy an endless orgasmic cliff-hanger, and it's nothing like you've felt before.

  • Intro to Anal Sex

    Discover anal pleasure and explore anal sex without prejudice. Learn why backdoor play is so orgasmic and prepare to experience new sensations.

  • How to Fully Enjoy anal Sex

    Making anal sex pleasurable is easier than you think. Follow our easy guide and enjoy safe and orgasmic anal sex.

  • 10 Best Anal Sex Toys

    We've picked 10 best anal toys that guarantee fantastic anal sex experience. Go ahead, try one….. or few.

  • Anal Plugs Explained

    Find out all of the amazing things a butt plug has to offer and learn the best ways to have safe and orgasmic fun with anal plugs.

  • How And Why To Use Anal Plugs

    An easy guide to anal plug - a versatile tool, pleasurable on its own or as an enhancement for further anal play.

  • How to Choose Anal Plug

    Learn how to choose and enjoy anal plugs.

  • 6 Cheeky Tips For Long-Term Butt Plug Wear [Eden Forum Discussions' Summary]

    Staying plugged for hours - is it as fun as it sounds? Find out what real people - EdenFantasys forum members - think and how they go about their day while having a butt plug in. Use their genius tips and ideas to plug in for pleasure.

  • Anal Beads Explained

    Indulge in the art of "beading off" and find out how a strand of anal beads can boost your orgasm and help you experience pleasure you've never known.

  • Prostate Massage

    Find out an easy way to learn about prostate massage and enjoy its benefits.

  • How To Choose The Best Penis Extension

    Discover how to become a better lover with penis extensions and learn how to choose the right one for you.

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