Vacuum penis pump construction

Benefits Of A Penis Pump

Makes Your Penis Girthier
And Longer

Although the effects might not last as long as you wish them to, regular pumping will lead to semi-permanent increase both in length and girth of your penis.

Gives Stronger
And Longer-lasting Erections

Frequently drawing blood to your penis can easily battle most of the erectile problems, leaving you with stronger stamina than ever.

Provides Incredible Sensitivity

The pressure inside the cylinder makes your arousal level peak. With so much blood drawn to the shaft of your penis, the sensitivity of the skin becomes incredible.

Creates A "Blowjob-like" Sensation

If you're a fan of that "sucking" technique your lover's mouth can provide, be sure to try out a penis pump, as it can create a super realistic feel.

Vacuum Penis Pump Construction

Vacuum penis pump construction

How To Properly Use A Penis Pump?

How to use a penis pump?
  1. Apply lube on the edge of the toy and on yourself.

  2. Slip the cylinder over a semi-erect penis. Make sure the toy is firmly pressed against your pubic bone.

  3. Give the penis pump the first squeeze to ensure a good seal.

  4. If you have an airtight seal, start pumping gently.

  5. Once your shaft is strongly erected, push the valve to release air and remove the pump.

How To Choose A Penis Pump Mechanism?



The manual mechanism, with either a bulb or a piston, is perfect for when you are on a budget and just want to try it out and add an extra inch or two to your shaft. You have more control over the pressure and you can find the intensity level that works best for you personally.



The automatic mechanism is best suited for those who know their pumping routine and love to do it on an almost daily basis. It will help you get steady results in enlarging the shaft and achieving a stronger erection.


Hydro Pump

A mechanism that works with water instead of air as a pressuring tool, hydro pump is used in a shower or bath. A unique concept, it gives the most consistent effect in increasing girth and length of the phallus but requires proper daily pumping.

Things To Consider

Cylinder Length & Width

Cylinder length & width

Carefully check the length and the width of the cylinder to find your perfect fit.

Realistic Donuts

Realistic donuts

One of the best ways to use a penis pump is to enjoy the model with realistic molds on the edge of the cylinder - it will make your experience both sexy and recreational.



Add erotic stimulation to your pumping session with a vibrating bullet.

Safety Tips

Don't use the toy continuously for more than 15 minutes. You can use it often with breaks between sessions.

Never use penis pumps on the inflamed or irritated skin.

Talk to your doctor if you take blood thinners as, in this case, pumping can cause bleeding.

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