6 New Ideas
For Mind-Blowing Solo Pleasure

Let’s be honest, every man loves to let off the steam from time to time and indulge into shameless self-loving. These are 6 ideas how to maximize your solo pleasure.

Cyber doggie

Insert a hard case stroker between a spring box and a mattress. This technique leaves your hands free for other things and is perfect for cyber sessions.


What happens in the shower...

Attach a suction cup sleeve to the shower wall and enjoy thrusting action. The best part of shower fun is that water will take the mess away.


Lord of ring

Lube up and put a ring over your penis. Move it up and down the shaft while lightly squeezing the ring. Vibration will add voluptuous sensations to your pleasure.


Real pleasure

Soft and velvety, almost like the real thing, a realistic masturbator is a way to go, if you are craving for good old humping. Place it on a sturdy surface and hump away!


Power buzz

Vibrations work wonders for men. With a car-inspired design, the Cobra Libre delivers astonishing stimulation with 2 powerful motors.



If you are looking for new sensations, the electro-stimulation is for you. Gentle impulses create a feeling of continuous orgasm, rocking you on the waves of ecstasy.

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