7 New Ideas For Mind-Blowing Solo Pleasure

Every man loves to let off some steam from time to time, and indulge in a little shameless self-loving. Here are 7 ways to maximize your solo pleasure sessions.

1 Hippy, Hippy, Shake

Rather than pleasuring your penis with arm action, switch it up by holding your shaft steady and rocking your pelvis back and forth instead. Experiment with speed and depth. Whether you hasten the process or delay the peak, the penetration sensation is almost like the real thing.

2 Put the Balls in Play

For a more intense solo orgasm, think “balls in.” Try massaging your scrotum, squeezing it lightly (or more aggressively, if that’s your thing), or even pulling on it as you yank your crank.

3 Swivel & Screw

Using a spiral, twisting motion around the shaft instead of the traditional up-and-down is an effective way to stimulate your cock’s most sensitive spots, and create a feeling of deeper penetration.

4 Head Case

For this two-handed technique, one palm performs a classic up-and-down shaft stimulation while the other massages the head of the penis. Directly stimulating the ultra-sensitive head maximizes pleasure and brings on cock-rocketing orgasms that will shoot you over the moon.

5 Ringing the Backdoor Bell

As you stroke your cock with one hand, use the other to gently probe and stimulate your anus. Once you feel comfortable and relaxed, add some light penetration. A syncopated rhythm between your shaft and backdoor will send a crescendo of delight through your entire body.

6 The Stop & Start Technique

Bring yourself to the verge of orgasm ... and stop. Start again. Mix rhythms and pressure, switch hands, get to the point of no return, then stop. The longer you can keep yourself from coming, the more powerful the orgasm will be. Remember, good things "come" to he who waits.

7 Sequence Stroking Technique

A wise man once said that learning to vary stroking techniques helps you to last longer and augment your pleasure. Tested and confirmed! Here’s an ancient technique for the best stroking sequence to assure maximum stimulation.

Tips To Boost
Your Solo Experience

Take a contrast shower. Feeling clean is a great start to feeling sexy. Juxtaposing hot and cold water improves blood circulation, including the flow to your man parts.
Know your privacy quotient. For true soloists, locking the door ensures you won’t be interrupted, but if the idea of "getting caught" turns you on, leave the door ajar. You never know what might develop.
Try an erotic movie, hot naked pix, or X-rated prose to fan the flames of your fantasy.
Don't forget the lube! Men don't produce natural lubrication. Friction from long pleasure sessions without it can prove painful, so be sure to keep plenty of your favorite lube "on hand."

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