Tongue vibrators

Tongue vibrators are the type of clit vibrator that lick, tease, worship - and not only the clit. The vibrating tongue feels glorious anywhere on your body, no matter if it’s foreplay, a quickie with your lover, or an indulgent self-love session.

With a tongue vibrator, you can take your time and circle it around the nips, along the neck, across every curve, and every throbbing, wanton spot. Some vibrators are shaped like a tongue so that you can fantasize or penetrate with it, and some feature a licking tongue that does all the work.

Some vibrating tongues are attachments on rabbit vibrators, strap ons, finger vibrators, even make vibrators. But they are all united by how amazingly they lick the clit, in any combo. Find out how to choose and how to use a tongue vibrator in the EdenFantasys guide.


Tongue Vibrators On Sale On EdenFantasys

Feel totally worshipped by the EdenFantasys vibrating tongues collection. Lick or get licked from head to toe, in anyplace, anytime, as indulgently as you always fantasize. These tongues never tire, never lay a wrong lick - they are perfect for foreplay or as clit vibrators. EdenFantasys’ tongue vibrators feel like lovers from your fantasies - insatiable and exceptionally good at oral sex.

What is a Tongue Vibrator?

A tongue vibrator is our favorite clit vibrator - a sex toy that is designed to mimic the sensations of a lover’s mouth on your body. Typically shaped like a tongue or featuring an attachment that moves and licks like a tongue, these vibrators deliver decadent stimulation to any and all erogenous zones - the clitoris, the nipples, the bootyhole, the srotum - any body and anybody can be pleased to bliss by a vibrating tongue.

Types of Tongue Vibrators

Tongue vibes come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, offering a range of features to suit individual preferences and fantasies.

Classic Vibrating Tongues

Featuring a tongue-shaped design, these vibrators provide targeted stimulation with their vibrating tip. You can press it anywhere you crave it, and that literal realistic tongue will deliver. Sometimes they feature fun textures, sometimes they are just deliciously life-like.

Licking Vibrators

Mimicking the delectable sensation of licking motions, these vibrators offer rhythmic stimulation that you can enjoy effortlessly. Just press this little vibrator and its licking tongue against your wanton spot and get it flicked to blissful release.

Tongue Attachment

More often than not tongue vibrators are attachments to toys like rabbit vibrators, finger vibrators, panty vibrators, featuring a main shaft plus a licking tongue. But let me tell you, the combo of penetration and licking is always a crescendo.

Male Vibrators With Tongue

Some male strokers are two-parters, featuring a dnout for penetration and a tongue to lick his tip whe he thrusts. The fun part is that these male sex toys are often detachable, meaning you can use both parts separately - a masturbator for him and a vibrating tongue for her.

How to Use a Tongue Vibrator

There is one right way to use a vibrating tongue - wherever you press it, it will work wonders. However, EdenFantasys offers you some universal pleasure tips that are 100% worth trying.

  1. Apply a small amount of EdenFantasys’ water-based lubricant to both the vibrator and yourself.
  2. Begin play with th elowest setting to warm yourself up. Browse intensity levels and modes to curate a rhythm that works for you.
  3. Use the tip of the vibrator to tease, circle, tap your pleasure points - use 12 ways of clit sitmulation for inspiration.
  4. Experiment with different angles and sex position for a full fantasy experience - ride the tongue as if you’re face-sitting, add it to penetration to recreate a threesome.
  5. Clean your tongue vibrator thoroughly with an EdenFantasys’ sex toy cleaner to keep it tidy and ready to go whenever you’re in the mood.

Where to Buy Tongue Vibrators

We would unabashedly say that you should buy tongue vibrators from EdenFantasys, of course. But here are things to consider when you’re choosing a sex shop to buy vibrating tongues near you:

  • Do they have sales? Tongue toys are usually rather budget-friendly vibrators.
  • How’s the product range? Tongues and their vibration styles vary wildly - go from realistic designs to monster to futurristic.
  • Rely on reviews. Not to brag, but we’ve got over 75K of honest reviews in our database.
  • Do they offer goodies? Gifts, free shipping with orders over $50, BOGOs and kits.

By the way, EdenFantasys offers all of that and more. Just saying.

FAQ On EdenFantasys’ Tongue Vibrators

How to Charge a Tongue Vibrator?

Charging a tongue vibrator is simple and convenient. Most tongue vibrators come with a USB charging cable that can be easily connected to a power source such as a computer or wall adapter.

Can You Use a Tongue Vibrator as a Couple?

Absolutely! Tongue vibrators are fabulous in a foreplay situation when you’re working on arousing your lover, or as aid when you want to drive your lover wild with sensation - on their clit, on their nips, anywhere.

Are Tongue Vibrators Good for Blowjobs?

Of course! Maybe not as a main course, but if he likes the licking sensation or if you need a helping “tongue” to take care or his sack or do a rimjob, for example, a tongue vibrator can be your best pal.