12 clitoral stimulation techniques for truly intense orgasms

Seventy-five percent of women can't achieve “The Big O” without clitoral stimulation. If you want to become a true CLITerati, we invite you to explore our savvy pleasure techniques and learn to unlock its massive orgasmic potential for mind-blowing climaxes every time.

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Clitoral play is like a pleasure bomb that delivers an explosive finish that can truly rock your world. Yet, like any incendiary device, getting it to go off can be tricky. Sexual energy must be channeled to just the right spot while balancing relaxation and increased arousal. Once you find the rhythm of pleasure and get the fuse lit, you’ll be in for the kind of blissful Big O chain reaction that’s totally the bomb.


Indirect Touch

Sandwich the clit between the labial folds using the thumb and the forefinger, and then manipulate your pleasure bud until you reach the explosive ecstasy you so desire.

Inner Rosebud

The external portion of the clit is only the tip of the iceberg. To light up the internal segments of your love button, make the peace sign. Stroke the outer lips with the tips of your index and middle finger, moving them up to the tip of your clit. Now, stroke back and forth to stimulate until you detonates.

Clit Roll

Hold the clit between your index finger and a thumb and “roll it” back and forth.

The Slider

Place your index and middle finger at the top of the vagina and slide them up and down along each side, gradually increasing the tempo as you go. Your arousal will grow stronger with every stroke.

Touch Type

Forgo the smooth moves and try tapping the clit with the pad of a finger. Vary the pressure and speed for extra kicks.

Muscle It Up

Working your pelvic floor muscles (think Kegel) during clitoral stimulation can totally boost your sensation quotient. Likewise, flexing and relaxing the vaginal muscles that surround your urethra and anus as the clit is being stimulated can open a whole new frontier of sexual pleasure.


Tightly circling the clit, a.k.a. “orbiting,” is a great technique to steadily build arousal until you reach the point of no return.


Emulate your favorite D.J. by holding your fingers together, flattening them out, and then rubbing her your clit in a circular motion. You’ll be hitting an orgasmic high note in no time.

Fire & Ice

“Toying with the thermostat” can expand your cliterary repertoire in the most delightful ways. Metal and glass dildos are great for experimenting with temperature play. Keep them in the fridge, or warm them up in hot water to create added layers of hot or cold clit-centric excitement.

Pump It Up

Want to give yourself a sexual boost? Try pumping up your pleasure pearl. As the clit expands, becoming swollen and extra sensitive, you’ll find yourself melting in sheer bliss.

Engage Overdrive!

The best way to test your body’s pleasure limits is with hyperstimulation. To help you in your sextra-terrestrial explorations, power up with toys that pack the extra wallop required to push your love button over the top—and beyond. While it takes a forceful buzz to blast past the orbit of one-time, earth-shaking climaxes for that amazing journey to the galaxy of mind-blowing multiple orgasms, once you’ve been there, you’ll never “cum back the way you came.”