How To Use Sex Furniture For Better Orgasms:
Tips And Sex Positions

So, you have tried regular sex positions - it means you're ready to strike an advanced pose for a fabulous orgasm! But advanced positions might be not so easy to crack if you're not a gymnast. Learn how to use sex furniture to reach every hot button with little to no effort at all.
Position - Elevated missionary

Precise G-spot Stimulation

Lift your lower body to a higher angle - it will guide the penis right toward the G-spot. Position pillow would be the best sex furniture choice to boost the classic missionary - it will put the lady's pelvis higher, ensuring a precise slip-in to the hot button.

Position - Spread Eagle

Ultra Exposed C-spot Play

Hold the legs spread wide, giving up your clit for teasing as openly as possible. This over-the-neck sling is more of a bondage implement, yet it's the ultimate aid for this advanced angle and astonishing sensations.

Position - Sagittarius

Super Deep A-spot Aim

The deeper you dive, the more chances you have of hitting the
A-spot for a super intense orgasm. Try nailing that pose in the shower, where water makes you super hot and bothered, but don't forget the foot rest! This little piece of sex furniture will make your standing shower play super safe and enjoyable.

Position - Butterfly

Fulfilling Anal Experience

Setting your legs wide apart and using lots of lube will turn your anal experience into a "fantasmic" adventure. Betting on sex furniture is a brilliant move when knocking on the back door - literally. Secure this over-the-door sling and strike the pose easily.

Position -The Eiffel tower

Extravagant Oral Pleasure

Expose yourself, so your partner could use different oral techniques or even rimming to send you through the roof. Strap yourself with this spreader bar or ask your partner to do it if you want to add a pinch of power play, and make sure you won’t dodge your orgasm.

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