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Deeper and more intense sensations, different types of stimulation, new erotic adventures, endless opportunities to expand your bedroom play - you can find all that and even more in the magnificent world of sex toys.

Rabbit Vibrator Guide

One of the most popular sex toys - rabbit vibrator - is capable of delivering mind-blowing blended orgasms, but which rabbit is the best? Read this guide and find out how to buy the most orgasmic rabbit vibe.

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The Guide to Choosing Pocket Rockets

Pocket rockets pack a powerful punch in a small package, making them one of the best sex toys for external stimulation. This guide will help you pick your own personal rocket to fly you to the biggest orgasm.

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Vibrating Cock Rings Explained

Discover how to last longer in bed and enjoy enhanced sensations with the help of vibrating cock rings and learn how to choose a penis ring that will bring your sex life to a whole new level.

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The Guide to Male Masturbators

With the variety of toys on the market, it can be hard to choose the perfect male sex toy - this guide will open up the world of male masturbators for you and help you pick your new favorite sex toy.

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Read these erotic fantasies and discover new roads to pleasure.

An Introduction into Glass Toys

Glass toys can look intimidating, but in reality, they offer an entirely new sexual experience. Relax and get ready to enjoy all new textures, weight, and even temperatures.

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Don't Leave Home Without Them

If you have your sex toys with you in your purse, nothing can stop you from relieving your stress with orgasm. Read this sex fantasy and enjoy some quality me-time.

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Sex Toy Kits

Explore your sensuality with these kits.

Get bigger safely, last longer and enjoy incredible sensations with this starter kit, consisting of a vacuum penis pump featuring a unique control trigger and a cock ring.

A realistically shaped masturbator together with a vibrating c-shape prostate massager is the best way to enhance your solo play and improve your health!

The ergonomically curved G-spot toy is perfect for inner stimulation. Add a silicone tongue for extra clitoral sensations and enjoy the most mind-blowing pleasure.

Nipple suckers will enhance the blood flow and sensitivity while vibrating nipple teasers and adjustable metal clamps will seal the deal and bring you to exciting nipplegasm.


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