10 Sex Boosters Designed
For Better Sex Life Of Your Couple

10 Sex Boosters Designed for Couples

While the popular perception of a sex toy buyer is often a single person, there are plenty of couple-oriented products on the market. Check out this selection of toys made with both of you in mind.

10. Give and receive

Add satisfying vibrations to every touch of your lips while going down and rock your lover’s world.

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9. Surrender control

Spice up the foreplay by starting it long before main play. Feel your arousal building by having your partner discreetly tease you at the most unexpected moments.

“...this affordable wireless vibrator and remote set can offer quiet vibrations and multiple pleasurable pattern options.”

8. Focus on sensations

Ready to try a little taste of heightened senses? Refresh the foreplay by blindfolding your SO, teasing them with a feather tickler or try a mini flogger for better SEXperience.

“...a great beginner set, that will make experimenting just that much more fun!”
Mistress M.
Mistress M.

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7. Play for the other team

Switching roles increases your level of trust and mutual understanding, that is very important for making your sex life better. So get closer with your lover and explore your deepest desires by trying this strapless strap-on, designed to stimulate both partners during 1-on-1 play.

“That bumpy shaft has given us both lots of hot orgasms.”
Mistress M.
Di's Guy

6. Melt the stress away

If you are relaxed and have a positive state of mind, you increase your chances for better sex. Relieve the tension with the Wand Massager - give your loved one a sensual massage of sore muscles, and after slowly move down below, directing the orgasm-inducing vibrations to the most sensitive hot spots.

“It works great at giving me clitoral stimulation...in different positions.”
Mistress M.

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5. Satisfaction guaranteed

Stamina for him and vroom for her mean enhanced pleasure! Designed to provide better sex experience for both partners, vibrating cock ring is a serious dual pleasure assistance.

“...helping your partner last longer, and making the most of your sexy time.”

4. Play With Your SO

Let your partner control your pleasure with voice, touch, and movement-sensitive app via WiFi or Bluetooth. Play this game in close proximity or long distance, so never lose touch!

3. Focus on intimacy

The Pulse is one of the supreme male masturbators turned into a fantastic tool of intimacy for two. A ground-breaking technology of oscillation inside the sleeve delivers gorgeous sensations for him, while powerful vibrations and sensual texture on the outside stimulates the clitoris for her ecstatic pleasure. The Pulse offers absolutely hands-free and unique foreplay experience, guaranteeing an orgasm for both partners while leaving penetration for dessert.

2. Electrify the pleasure

Painlessly titillate both of you by adjusting E-stim toys settings for gentle erotic pleasure or crank up the power to deliver quite a punch. What can be better for your sex life than electrified hands-free orgasms?

"...a great beginner's e-stim...could ease someone into the world of e-stim toys"
Mistress M.
Mistress M.

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1. Supercharge your sex

Simultaneous C and G-spot stimulation for her and amazing vibrations during penetration for him improve the chances for a better sex final with dynamite orgasms - and that’s what makes this C-shaped vibe so brilliant!

“...definitely worth every penny...It is great to use on your own, but even better to use with your partner!”