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  • With Valentine coming we ask ourselves all these questions about love. And because internet is huge it is possible to find some answers to your questions. That's why in this channel we are posting some useful, funny, explanatory information about love that we stumbled upon. We hope you will enjoy it!

    Jan. 28, 2014

  • In anticipation of Valentine Day we decided to post videos about love from a variety of sources we consider note worthy. We hope you will enjoy them

    Jan. 21, 2014

  • In anticipation of Valentine Day we decided to post videos about love from a variety of sources we consider note worthy. We hope you will enjoy them.

    Jan. 16, 2014

  • So you want to buy a flogger....It can be pretty intimidating with all the different types out there! Hopefully this guide will clear up any concerns

    Jan. 03, 2014

  • Running out of places to hide your toys? You children, roommate, or pet find them no matter where you put them? Don't fret! Here is a list of possible places to hide your precious toys.

    Dec. 03, 2013

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  • Here are a few tips and ideas to bring sacredness to your sex life through simple rituals and tantric practices

  • Orgasms are linked with muscular response in the pelvic area. The stronger the muscles, the stronger the orgasms! Here are some personal tips on how to prepare yourself and how to use jade eggs to exercise and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Note that I will be using the word "Yoni" when referring to the vagina, a tantric/sanskrit term that means womb, place of birth, source, origin.

  • Sex, marriage, expectation, obligation and why compromise isn't always the answer.

  • People told me having sex for the first time after divorce would be hard to do. It would be awkward, it would be forced, it would feel foreign and while they were right, they were also so, so wrong.

  • Thinking about buying that magazine that will tell you how to get the perfect bikini body or land a summer romance as you wait in line at the cash register with your lemonade and sunscreen? Don't! Try reading something that will help you grow into the person you love, whoever that person is.


  • Ever heard of a candy bra, or an edible penis shaped lollipop? Once you can get past the inevitable bachelorette party feel of some of these creative bedroom items, you'll realize that they shine a whole new light on food play with your significant other.

  • I was always paranoid that if something happened to me while I was out having a sexy good time no one would ever know what happened, how I got where I got to and why.

  • It's a question women often wonder about, or maybe that's just me!! If my hubby's ever looking for some sort of reward for being nice or doing something nice he always opts for a blowjob as his prize, not that he needs a prize for doing anything nice, but that's the way men think. They think "one good turn deserves another" and that equates to a blowjob in their minds.

  • There is no “I” in dyke. If you don’t understand this, there isn’t gonna be a “u” in this dyke either.

  • Fred Petrenko

    Almost three years has passed since the first interview with Fred, founder and owner of Edenfantasys; so many wonderful changes have been made. Not only has the selection of products increased dramatically, but so has the size of our community and the diversity in the programs offered.…

    Interview with Fred Petrenko
  • Sex Educator and Author, Ducky Doolittle

    More than two decades ago Ducky started her career working at a sex shop in New York City’s rough Times Square district. An organic path that started as a temporary job to make ends meet developed into a career she loves. <br> <br>Like Ducky says, “The experience of answering people’s…

    Interview with Sex Educator and Author, Ducky Doolittle
  • Editor and Author, Delilah Devlin

    Delilah started writing eleven years ago. She and her sister were at the office late at night (as those who had volunteered to stay late that night for their IT company for Y2K) when the two of them discussed where they wanted to be in ten years. Both of them agreed it wasn't in that…

    Interview with Editor and Author, Delilah Devlin

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