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I'm Never Going to be White Girl Skinny, and I'm okay with That
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There are some battles you're going to win, and some you're going to lose. Learning to pick your battles and accept what you can change about yourself really is a key to happiness.


I am not sure if I need to be pissed about the label White Girl Skinny applaud her for discovery. I am a " white girl" and far from what she believes is the norm. I myself see more and more skinny black girls and less and less of the skinny white girl. I really think you need to look in more than just the place you live to make assumptions when it comes to thing like this. In all honesty................... I am very disappointed in this article.


Reading this I wanted to understand where you may be coming from, but I wish you could explain a bit further why you would want to look like someone else or why your comparing yourself to? a playboy bunny?
Yes most of edens lingerie models are white and thin;but I dont understand where your coming from, it sounds like you've assumed everyones "ideal form of perfection" is your own ... Which you could change and then like yourself :

"Sometimes, I think understanding why we cannot obtain a supposed “ideal” form of perfection in plain terms, makes it easy to accept. In a way, we have a system of accepting facts about our body similar to how we go through grieving a loss. Here are the modified stages of self-esteem grief."


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