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  • To Buy Or Not To Buy

    Where should you buy your sex novelties. While shopping around has always been the best thing, there are some places that just aren't worth it. From dangerous situations to down right too expensive.

  • Busty Bitty : Finding the Breast Fit

    There's something that I really need to get off of my chest: too many people are wearing the wrong bra size. Whether you have large breasts or not, you can still definitely benefit from wearing a bra that fits. Cramming your sweater puppies into any old piece of lingerie isn't any way for a civilized person to live, especially since there are so many resources available to help you find something flattering that fits.

  • Strap On Sex: A Buyer’s Guide

    This guide is aimed at those who have decided they want to buy a strap on harness and are having trouble deciding which one to buy.

  • Flogging 101: Choosing the Right Leather

    Not all leather is created equal. Shopping for a flogger requires knowing the differences between the wide variety of leathers available. Whether you like a sting, thud, or all of the above, this guide will teach you some of the important essentials about different leathers, and is an important first step in finding the flogger that's right for you!

  • Making Friends With Your Fancy-Man's Fleshlight

    Many guys enjoy watching their partner playing with her favorite toys. One woman reports on watching her partner playing with his.

  • PropertyOfPotter's Guide To Buying A Clitoral Vibe

    Looking for the perfect clitoral vibrator to suit your needs? A little overwhelmed by the huge selection available on Eden? Here's a little list of suggestions based on your preferences.

  • Buying Nipple Clamps

    Today we look at nipple clamps. What are the differences between the styles? How does the intensity between them change? And what other features do clamps have?

  • BDSM Shopping – Bondage Cuffs

    BDSM equipment can often be quite pricey, and there are often too many choices and it makes it very hard to decide what you want to buy. Today we will discuss the different features of bondage cuffs and hopefully help you pick what suits you best.

  • Buying a Prostate Massager

    So you have decided you want to try some prostate play, but are unsure of which one to get. There are a lot of them, so it can be confusing. This article will talk about all of the different features and styles prostate massagers have, so you can decide what would work best for you

  • Battle of the 'Bators: Fleshlight vs. Tenga!

    When discussing male masturbators, two names consistently rise to the top: Tenga and Fleshlight. As both products can be expensive, one really needs to understand the pros and cons of each to make an educated purchase. This battle royale will hopefully help you in deciding which of these two fine products will make it to the top of your "Desert Island Masturbator" list!

  • BDSM 101--Cock and Ball Toys

    Today's article will focus on cock and ball toys. These are male toys that focus on the penis and testicles. We will learn about the different types of toys that exist, the sensations they provide, and why people might want to try them.

  • Take a Walk on the Wild Side

    Bored with your toy collection and tired of seeing the same designs again and again? If you think you’ve tried every kind of toy available, you may be surprised to learn there is a whole niche of truly wild sex toys out on the market available for anyone who dares to take a wild leap into some truly amazing experimentation.

  • She Plays, He Plays: The Strong Toy

    We're sure you've heard about the Fun Factory Stronic Eins. New technology wrapped in Fun Factory's dense, plush silicone? What? So we sent one to Rydell and Susan to see just how different it was. Read on to see what they thought.

  • WHHHHHYYYYY!!! The reason your vibrator gave up the ghost.

    We've all experienced that moment when our vibrators and bullets ceased to work. Sometimes if we're lucky, giving them a gentle shake or a fresh set of batteries will get them going again. Sadly this doesn't always work and we're left with one resounding question: Why?

  • Editor's Top 3 Last Minute Valentine's Day Picks

    A little birdy told us some of you still haven't picked anything up for your lover. What is it about the gift-giving holidays that turns even the most punctual person into a procrastinator? Never fear! Our Editor in Chief is here with three suggestions of her own...and a naughty bonus.

  • What Do Women Over 50 Look For When Buying Sex Toys?

    Many women over 50 can tell you their sex drive is anything but dead, but many times there are circumstances which may prevent them from exploring and enjoying sexual freedom. Sometimes their partners are unwilling or unable to perform, other times the partner is simply absent. This doesn't mean a woman should deny herself pleasure. So what does a woman over 50 look for when buying a sex toy?

  • She Plays, He Plays: Indulge Me

    We sent LELO's Indulge Me Pleasure Set to Rydell and Susan thinking there's no way we could top their experience with Tiani and Tiani 2. Apparently, Susan was more than ready to prove us wrong. Read on to find out what they thought of this month's featured toy!

  • She Plays, He Plays: The Key To The G

    So why exactly did Jopen cover one awesome material with another? We weren’t sure, either. Then we read the Johnsons’ review. Read on to find out what Susan and Rydell think about Jopen’s Key Comet G!

  • Define This: Pheromones

    You're scanning through various massage oils and lotions here on Edenfantasys, and you see that word again. Pheromones. But what are they? What are they doing in your massage lotion? And most importantly, do they work?

  • Ho, Ho, Hoe?

    Opening a sex toy you purchased can feel exciting and decadent; opening a sex toy gift can make you feel wanted, wanton, and maybe a little dirty...

  • SexIs Subjective: Gifting Pleasure

    Sex toys are a great way to show someone you care about their pleasure, but it is necessary to use personal judgment and respect others’ boundaries before gifting a sex toy.

  • Shopping Guide: How to Get the Best Underwear for Your Body Type

    Too many times have we all bought underwear that looked great on a model or in our hands but when we wear it, it looks bad or not as expected. I am a firm believer that women should and can wear whatever underwear we like, and this is not a guide to what you should or should not wear. Rather, think of it as we all have a color best for us, and we all have an underwear cut that is best for us.

  • The Toy War

    Regan and I were up late, when he asked the question. I never though that my answer would begin this...

  • SexIs Subjective: Giving Sex Toys as Gifts

    If there are people on your shopping list, who you know could benefit from a few sex toys and a few good orgasms, open up your mind to the idea. You may just become their favorite gift giver!

  • Sexis Subjective: Sex Toys Make Great Gifts... Sometimes

    You may be able to tell who needs the gift of orgasms this Christmas, however, not everyone will be receptive to a sex toy. How can you tell who to grant some sexiness to, and who just gets monogrammed pencils? Follow these simple rules.

  • 10 Gifts That They Will Love for Under $20

    Your guide to affordable and sensuous Christmas gifts from EdenFantasys.

  • She Plays, He Plays: What A Thrill

    If you couldn’t tell by the picture alone, the packaging for We-Vibe’s Thrill makes the toy’s intended use perfectly clear. “Solo: for her” it says right across the top of the box sleeve.

  • SexIs Subjective: Stockings For The Naughty List, A Lump Of Coal Or...

    You do not want to be on the naughty list at Christmas...or do you? This can be a good time of year for:
    ~Lovely, sensual surprises!
    ~A fun, sexy and practical way to introduce a few toys to your partner!
    ~Starting a new tradition!

  • Sexis Subjective: An Old-Fashioned Christmas.

    Toys are a great gift... just not for Christmas.

  • Sexis Subjective: The Season of Giving... Orgasms

    What's Buzzing Underneath the Tree?

  • The story of my first vibrator or why I shop online

    A little funny and a little embarrassing story of the first piece of my toy collection.

  • Sexis Subjective: Sex Toys as Gifts

    Would I give a vibrator to my grandma? Nope, you guessed right! While yes, this would be a wildly inappropriate gift for my grandmother, there are definitely people whom it is appropriate to give the Christmas gift of a healthier, more enriched sex life to!

  • SexIs Subjective: The Season of Giving

    I love my toys, so why not share the joy?

  • Sexis Subjective: Give the gift of Orgasms!!

    To give or not to give that is the it appropriate to gift sex toys? Is there some sort of protocol for this?

  • Holiday Gift Guide: Titillating Tinsel Edition

    Gift kits, gift wrap and free shipping! Oh, my!

  • Merry Freaking Christmas! An Irreverent Guide to All Your Holiday Problems

    Holiday stress got you down? Here are six easy solutions to your yuletide woes.

  • SexIs Subjective: Should Toys Only Be Gifted To Children?

    Should children be the only ones receiving "toys" for Christmas and other gift-giving occasions? Is it really a black and white decision?

  • SexIs Subjective: Hell yes!

    To buy toys, or not to buy toys...that's the question!

  • SexIs Subjective: What's In The Box?

    Everyone loves receiving gifts, but what about giving or receiving sex toys as gifts?

  • She Plays, He Plays: The Sure Things

    Our parent company, EdenFantasys, carries tons of products meant to aid you in sparking the sensual blazes in your bedroom. From oils to reduce friction and increase the heat, to powders to add a hint of flavor to your skin, to silky soft feather dusters meant to tantalize your lover, the possibilities are endless. But which ones are right for you? Rydell and Susan tried a few to give you an idea.

  • So you think you may want a Sex Swing?

    Do not hesitate, go ahead and get it. It has so many uses and so many possibilities. The feeling of weightlessness and floating is great for whatever ails you.

  • She Plays, He Plays: A Toy That Isn’t

    When we offered Rydell and Susan a “batty dong,” we didn’t realize we were opening them up to a whole new world of sexual possibilities. Read their account of the fun they had with Leoweenie by Vixen, and find out what they learned!

  • SexIs Subjective: Keeping Halloween Sexy...for Adults

    My personal take on children wearing "sexy" Halloween costumes.

  • The Cock Ring

    Put a ring on it and make it go longer! Benefits and some of the types of rings.

  • Butt Toy Breakdown

    Because there are so many different butt toys on the market, some that often beget a ‘wtf is that for?’, I figured I’d explain what the most common products are and what they’re used for.

  • Finding The Right Dildo

    Do you feel like Goldilocks in the world of dildos? This one’s too big, this one’s too small. This one’s too hard, this one’s too soft! Ahhh, this one is just right!

  • The Beginner's Guide to Strap On Play

    Interested in learning more about strap on harnesses and dildos? Do you like the idea of penetrating a partner with a strap on dildo? Read on to learn about both harnesses and dildos!

  • Cuffs, Chains, and Rope; OH MY!

    Some of us get all tingly at the thought of our partner tying us up. There is something intoxicating about one half of the equation being at a complete disadvantage. There are more options on how to go about doing this than one who think at first glance.

  • Coming Out Of My Cocoon!

    Before I made my way to EdenFantasys, my sex life was not something I talked about. I have really come out of my cocoon and have learned so much, not only about myself but about my husband and best friend as well.

  • Paddle Shopping

    Paddles are pretty iconic to spanking games. They are easy and not complicated to use. A lot of people feel more comfortable with a paddle than any other spanking toy when they are first trying BDSM. All paddles are not created equal. They feel and respond differently depending on how and what they are made of. This is a quick a dirty guide to help you select the paddle that fits you.

  • The Handy-Dandy Guide to Clitoral Vibrators

    Are you thinking about getting a clitoral vibrator but not sure where to start? I’m here to help!

  • Flogger Shopping

    Picking out a flogger is like picking out a new pair of sexy shoes. You need it to be comfortable enough but without sacrificing an ounce of style. Floggers, unfortunately, are expensive, making them a group of sex toys that aren't really cost effective to experiment with.

    Never fear! Krissy Novacaine is here with some things to consider when flogger shopping.

  • She Plays, He Plays: The Battle of the Tianis

    You may recall our last go ’round with a LELO Tiani. I obsessed over the instruction manual and Susan ended up hijacking the tight-horseshoe-shaped toy (not to mention my column) and putting it to pleasurable use as an understated double penetration device.

  • Guide to Sex Toys for Men

    This is a really basic article covering how to get started using male masturbators. It's all based off personal experience however I feel it will be accurate information for all.

  • Erotica in The Mainstream (Or how "50 Shades of Grey" Has Helped Loosen Us Up)

    "50 Shades of Grey" is everywhere. No matter what you think of the writing, the books have brought erotica out from the shadows in the publishing world. With the way erotica is being viewed currently and the advent of E-readers, there has never been a better time to love erotica.

  • Fractured Lives: Healing sexually and mentally with the help of Eden

    All it takes to change your life forever is 30 seconds. The first thing I clearly remember was being inside a white tube, completely immobile. The only thing I could see was clear, smoky glass with lights or cameras behind it--my mind was screaming! Those UFO shows on TV were true--and the aliens had me!! I could not escape, would not fully wake from the nightmare I was in!! Little did I know, my nightmare was only beginning....

  • The Making of a Kinkster

    I remember walking into the local toy store when I was freshly 18. I was with a couple of my friends, and we were giggling the whole time. We were there to buy a gag gift for a friend.

  • EdenFantasys, how I love thee. Let me count the ways.

    Everything that has been positive in my sex life within the last ten months has been because I found a wonderful place called EdenFantasys. EdenFantasys has been the center of my growing sexual confidence, and I am so thankful for stumbling upon them.

  • A Paranoid Geek's Guide to Sneaky Sex Toy Ordering

    Do you secretly lust after sex toys, but fear ordering any lest your parents discover your secret and kick you out of their basement to fend for yourself in the cruel, cruel world? Fear not, for there are plenty of clever ways to sneak sex toys into your geek cave and hide them once they've arrived. Read on.

  • Mouth-Breathers Need Kink Too!

    I love gags! Especially ball gags! The only problem is I can't breathe through my nose, and I know I'm not the only person with that problem. So what do you do when you want to be gagged, but you also want to breathe? I'll tell you!

  • Beginner BDSM On A Budget II

    Have you ever wanted to try out BDSM without spending tons of money on supplies that you aren't sure that you need? Whether you're crafty or not, I have been compiling a simple list of DIY tools that everyone should try at least once!

  • Beginner BDSM on a Budget

    Have you ever wanted to try out BDSM without spending tons of money on supplies you don't know you want? Whether you're crafty or not I have compiled a simple list of DIY tools that everyone should try at least once!

  • Buyers Guide: Heating Up and Cooling Down with EdenFantasys

    When you think of summer, what comes to mind? The spark of fireworks as they explode in the night sky? The heat of the air drying your lips and skin? Fiery passion with a new-found lover? ? How, exactly, do you stoke it? Everyone's way is different. Let us give you some pointers.

  • Lube: You should use it.

    So many erotic novels make becoming aroused out to be some simple, five-second thing. Us girls know the truth. Here's a handy guide to the different types of lube you can use for... well, whatever!

  • She Plays, He Plays: Operation Pussy Power

    Since the 50 Shades craze, there has been a lot of talk about kegel exercisers. Sales for these little lady helpers have skyrocketed across the board. But which set is best for your body? Rydell Johnson gives you the scoop on four sets carried on

  • She Plays, He Plays: We’re Fixated On The FixSation

    Even if you take nothing else from this recap of our experience with the FixSation Couple’s Vibe, do yourself a huge solid and tend to this one golden nugget of guidance: After you’ve charged the device, but way before you intend to use it (way before), study the enclosed instruction card and properly fasten the vibrating mechanism to the included “panties.”

  • Buyers Guide: Be Playful! Express Your Love with Toys!

    How do you express your love? Do you buy your lover something cute you know they’ll enjoy? Maybe you take them out on a date and come prepared? Perhaps you express your love by taking care of the environment? Whatever the form of expression you use, we’ve got something for you.

  • She Plays, He Plays: The Je Joue Mio, One Ring To Rule Them All

    If we’re being totally honest, I think it’s fair to say that from a guy’s perspective, a good number of sex toys – vibrators, dildos, and the like – can be a bit intimidating. No matter how many innings of baseball I imagine, I can’t stay hard all night long, and no matter how much Coca-Cola I ingest, I can’t vibrate my cock, tongue, or finger at a frequency of one gazillion megahertz.

  • Tenth Circle of Hell: Bra Shopping

    Owning boobs is complicated. Men have no idea how seriously high-maintenance boobs are. Yes, they’re a fun, soft source of pleasure, but they’re also uncomfortable, judgment prone and even get in the way of sports and leisure.

  • And Then I Threw A Sex Party

  • What Your Honey Really Wants for Christmas

  • Top Ten Strangest Things

  • Married...With Sex Toys: He Plays, She Plays

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