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She Plays, He Plays: The LELO Tiani, A Multipurpose Tool For Your Sex Toy Kit

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Rydell and Susan have gotten their hands on another remote control toy... this time it's the LELO Tiani, from the Insignia line. As usual, they've suffered through the unpleasant task of throughly scientific testing all in the name of educating our readers about this innovative new toy.

  Remote Sensations

Ah, the remote control, featuring what LELO calls SenseMotion Technology. Sounds complicated? Scientifically speaking, it probably is, but if you’ve ever played a video game on Nintendo’s Wii system, you’ve got a good idea of the end result. In SenseMotion modes one and two, how you hold and move the circular remote device dictates how the Tiani vibrates.

For example, picture holding the controller flat. In mode one, the Tiani will respond with a minimum hum. As you rotate the remote vertically, the power increases until you’re at full throttle. Click to mode two and experiment with shaking the controller, moving it in circles, and so on, which will run the toy through a gamut of pulse patterns and other high-intensity pleasure arrangements.

See the LELO Insignia Tiani in action.

“It’s really pretty amazing,” Susan says. “I had a lot of fun playing around with it while we were playing around!”

Still, that’s just the beginning. The Tiani has a total of eight modes, the remaining six of which are activated simply by a push of a button. That might sound like a bit of a letdown, but as exciting as the SenseMotion elements are during intercourse, the traditional remote-controlled vibrations might be just as enjoyable earlier in the foreplay process — when your clothes are still on.

“With its size and wireless controller and everything, it just seemed like it might convert to make a great pair of MacGyvered vibrating ‘panties,’” Susan says. “So, one afternoon, I put it in under a pair of jeans and gave the remote to Rydell before we ran some errands.

We didn’t finish running those errands.

“The way it fits while walking around — with half the horseshoe inside and the vibrating end held in place by my panties — it nestles right against my clit, and creates a little pressure from the inside out. It’s just perfect. There were a few oh-my-god moments in the store with that thing.”

Those moments, of course, led to more oh-my-gods back home.

  More MacGyvering

Hey folks, Susan here. Don’t tell Rydell I hijacked his column. He mentioned above about his bypassing of the double penetration experiment, but I don’t really care what the instruction manual does or does not describe, the point of a sex toy is to figure out what feels best to you, right?

So the other night when Rydell was down in his office, I broke out the Tiani and a little lube and tried what I had wanted to since we first opened the box. The vibrating end purred inside my pussy — I used a continuous medium-high setting — while the other arm provided subtle anal stimulation.
It wasn’t an overpowering sensation, but it felt really good — like a nice, steady buzz (the alcohol-induced kind) — and I masturbated to a lovely climax. The bottom line is that the Tiani is a winner, and for many more reasons than are detailed in the instruction booklet.


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