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She Plays, He Plays: Not Good, GREAT Vibrations

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  Want A Turn?

Overall, our trial-by-tailgate was a success. There were a couple times when the unit was unresponsive. “I was wearing tight jeans and I think when I sat down the seam pushed the vibrator’s on/off button long enough to turn it off altogether,” Susan says. Distance – don’t wander more than 20 feet or so away from your partner – and object interference also hindered the signal. But I loved having remote “access” to Susan’s pussy, and she was keen on being treated to some clandestine in-public foreplay.

“There is no question that I get off on beneath-the-surface naughtiness,” she says. “That’s one of the reasons I have the piercings and wear sexy lingerie. I have an if-you-only-knew-what-was-going-on-under-the-business-attire attitude, and these vibrating panties are like the ultimate in that. It was a delightful little secret.”

Until it wasn’t a secret at all. For our second Club Vibe 2.OH outing, we headed to a popular dance spot, but then detoured to pick up some good friends and ended up never leaving their house. It wasn’t long before everybody knew Susan was wearing the 2.OH panties and that we had planned on some thorough experimentation and assessment that night.

“Are they going right now?” Vanessa asked. “How do you turn them on?”

“I have the remote,” I replied.

“Let me see it,” Thomas said. I handed it over and he started pushing buttons. After Thomas, Vanessa took a turn, and then Scott.

“I had no intention of passing around the remote,” Susan says. “But looking back on it – and I feel a little funny saying this – it was fucking hot to have all of them try it. I mean, we were just sitting around a kitchen table – it was perfectly harmless and innocent, even scientific – but basically I had four people taking turns on me with a vibrator. I guess it was your average vibro-panty gangbang,” she laughs.

  Boomin’ System

Tailgates and kitchen gatherings aside, OhMiBod’s vibrating panties are designed for use at your favorite dancehall, and, if you’re like Susan and the thought of introducing some direct – and discreet – clitoral stimulation to your dirty dancing is intriguing, they’re an ideal investment.

“Nightclubs are very sensual environments anyway,” Susan says. “The 2.OH panties enhance it exponentially. It seemed like every time I made eye contact with Rydell – or a stranger smiled at me – there was a buzz between my legs. It was incredibly erotic. My only complaint is that it cut our date short because I was wet from the very first song and eventually just had to get Rydell out of there so he could finish the job.”

Let’s backtrack a bit. The evening we took the Club Vibe out for its third test drive, we arrived at our favorite nightspot about 10:45 p.m. on a Saturday, when the DJ plays current hip-hop tunes mixed with classic rock hits. That proved to be a good combination for the 2.OH because in club mode it reacts to the music and vibrates in harmony with the heavy beats.

“We turned it on before we went in,” Susan says, “and I started feeling little vibrations on the way to the bar. It was very subtle, little tingles that I wasn’t completely sure were even coming from the massager.”

There are five levels of music sensitivity so I cranked it up to the most responsive. That got things going better, but then I made an end-of-the-rainbow discovery: It’s not the actual massager that “hears” the music, it’s the remote control, which then automatically sends a vibrate signal to the panty-embedded device.

Before we went out to the dance floor, I placed the remote on our table instead of in my pocket so the sounds wouldn’t be muffled by denim. “That was it,” Susan says. “Jackpot. I can’t explain how aroused I was by the whole scene and I finally just got to the point where I was like, ‘there’s no way that all of these people can’t tell I’m about to have an orgasm right in the middle of the dance floor.’ That’s when I had to grab Rydell and go.”



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