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  • Gold Lipstick at the End of the Rainbow

    10:04 a.m. (approximately), Saturday, June 16, 2012. I’d rather be at home doing my usual freelance editing, but as a ridadie chick, I’ve solemnly sworn to accompany hubby to his remodeling job and fire-tape a garage ceiling. It’s early, the temperature is already in the ‘80s, and I feel like a complete slob in hubby’s paint-covered work shorts and a shredded-to-hell old St. Patrick’s Day tank top. As we pass the complex that was once the town brewery, I read the marquis…

  • She Plays, He Plays: The LELO Smart Wand

    What, exactly, is a Smart Wand, and how does it compare to better known “wand” style massagers? Rydell and his lady have got the inside scoop.

  • Buyers Guide: Heating Up and Cooling Down with EdenFantasys

    When you think of summer, what comes to mind? The spark of fireworks as they explode in the night sky? The heat of the air drying your lips and skin? Fiery passion with a new-found lover? ? How, exactly, do you stoke it? Everyone's way is different. Let us give you some pointers.

  • Lube: You should use it.

    So many erotic novels make becoming aroused out to be some simple, five-second thing. Us girls know the truth. Here's a handy guide to the different types of lube you can use for... well, whatever!

  • Buyers Guide: Be Playful! Express Your Love with Toys!

    How do you express your love? Do you buy your lover something cute you know they’ll enjoy? Maybe you take them out on a date and come prepared? Perhaps you express your love by taking care of the environment? Whatever the form of expression you use, we’ve got something for you.

  • Letter from the Editor: Phase Two and a New Toy

  • She Plays, He Plays: The Je Joue Mio, One Ring To Rule Them All

    If we’re being totally honest, I think it’s fair to say that from a guy’s perspective, a good number of sex toys – vibrators, dildos, and the like – can be a bit intimidating. No matter how many innings of baseball I imagine, I can’t stay hard all night long, and no matter how much Coca-Cola I ingest, I can’t vibrate my cock, tongue, or finger at a frequency of one gazillion megahertz.

  • Buyers Guide for a Sexy YOU!

    What makes you feel sexy? What’s more important: feeling sexy or looking sexy? How do you define “sexy”? Still looking for your “sexy”? Let us help you along with this Buyers Guide for a Sexy YOU.

  • She Plays, He Plays: Rose Petals, Massage Oils, Naughty People … Oh My!

    With their 15th anniversary so close to Valentine’s Day, Rydell and Susan took the opportunity to get away. With them, they took a few sensual selections and some lingerie. A whole week of exploring Kama Sutra, Shunga and each other ... and then they wrote about it for our readers!

  • Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Simple, Sexy, Fun Edition

    Valentine’s Day is one of the most complex, pressure-laced holidays, gift-giving wise. You’re set up to believe you can’t just pop off to the market and grab any old thing to take back to your romantic interest.

  • She Plays, He Plays: The LELO Tiani, A Multipurpose Tool For Your Sex Toy Kit

    Rydell and Susan have gotten their hands on another remote control toy... this time it's the LELO Tiani, from the Insignia line. As usual, they've suffered through the unpleasant task of throughly scientific testing all in the name of educating our readers about this innovative new toy.

  • Five Techy Toys That Can Change Your Sex Life

    Phone sex, raunchy emails, and sexting are classics now. What can you do that hot-and-heavy partners couldn’t do ten years ago? Plenty, as it turns out. Have a quick peek at five stars of the new generation of sex tech ready and waiting for your sweaty mitts.

  • Ten Holiday Wish List Ideas

    It’s that time of year again! When we struggle to find great, unique, interesting, compelling, and, yes, practical gifts for our loved ones,

  • She Plays, He Plays: Not Good, GREAT Vibrations

  • She Plays, He Plays: We’re A Little Tied Up At The Moment

    This month, we sent Rydell and Susan not one, but FIVE Sex & Mischief Kits from Sportsheets to try. They've turned their bedroom into a bondage playroom, purely for educational purposes of course... they haven't been enjoying themselves at all...

  • How to Keep Sex Fresh and New... No, Seriously

    If you want to feel like it's the very first time, then it's important to keep sex surprising and try new things regularly. You can’t get lazy. So give the following steps a try every now and then. You might feel silly being "experimental," but the occasional awkward moment is a small price to pay for unexpected pleasure.

  • Tenth Circle of Hell: Bra Shopping

    Owning boobs is complicated. Men have no idea how seriously high-maintenance boobs are. Yes, they’re a fun, soft source of pleasure, but they’re also uncomfortable, judgment prone and even get in the way of sports and leisure.

  • She Plays, He Plays: Fun Factory YOOO

    Is it a souvenir from Walt Disney World? A paperweight? Perhaps a deformed Pokemon? If you answered yes to any of the above, I'm afraid you're wrong—but it's easy to be confused if you've never heard about the YOOO, Fun Factory's latest creation. Sexy may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you see it, but once you feel how powerful this guy is, you'll quickly change your mind.

  • Mr. Sexsmith's Other Girlfriend: Can Your Relationship Handle Valentine’s Day Gifts?

    Mr. Sexsmith ponders the implications of giving more than a relationship is ready for as we approach Valentine's Day. Is there such a thing as giving too much too soon?

  • Mr. Sexsmith's Other Girlfriend: Beds Aren’t Just For Sleeping

  • What Your Honey Really Wants for Christmas

  • Married...With Sex Toys: He Plays, She Plays

    Ever hear that phrase: “Can’t find your arse with both hands and a flashlight?” That may be true for some folks, but if they’re looking for the clitoris, the Extase Liberte has both a light and a user-friendly design that will help even the uneducated find their way.

  • Sexy Christmas Presents...

    Let’s not ever use those words in combination again.

  • Mr. Sexsmith’s Other Girlfriend: Carrying On Holiday Traditions

    When I was a kid, one of my family’s few traditions around the winter holidays was to pile into the car with a few thermoses of hot chocolate and some cassettes of holiday music to go look at the Christmas lights. In our little town, there was an annual contest held by the local newspaper, which published the top three best decorated houses, as well as the best neighborhood or street in general.

  • Married...With Sex Toys: He Plays, She Plays

  • Postcards From a Sex Nerd—Danish Delight: Sensual Copenhagen

  • Mr. Sexsmith's Other Girlfriend: The Search For the Perfect Strap-On Harness

  • Em & Lo's Sex Advice for Grown-Ups: Top 10 Items to Pack for Your Summer Vacation (And We’re Not Talking About Sunscreen)

  • The Green Project: Mother Earth’s Mood Enhancers

    There are hundreds of different ways to set a sexy mood, from scattering rose petals to scenting the room with incense or perfume… Fortunately, some of the most luxurious and romantic mojo maximizers are natural, eco-friendly, and even come in green, so you can always say that you had Mother Earth in mind.

  • Toys for Boys: A Trans Men’s Buyer’s Guide

    Hard packies, soft packies, packing straps, and the mindset that one size does not indeed fit all – if you’re looking for a new cock, we’ve got you covered.

  • Play Fair and Share Your Toys: Your Guide to Toying With a Partner

    You like sex toys. Your partner likes sex toys. So how can you enjoy them together?

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