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Buyers Guide: Heating Up and Cooling Down with EdenFantasys

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When you think of summer, what comes to mind? The spark of fireworks as they explode in the night sky? The heat of the air drying your lips and skin? Fiery passion with a new-found lover? ? How, exactly, do you stoke it? Everyone's way is different. Let us give you some pointers.

  Baby, Light My Fire

Wet Four-in-One Lubricant, Zini Deux, Doc Johnson Black Magic Pleasure Kit, Coquette Babydoll Criss Cross Straps and G-string

Slip into an adorable lingerie set like this Babydoll Criss Cross Straps and G-string by Coquette. Made of nylon and spandex, this flimsy set has no underwire and will leave just enough to the imagination to get your guy's motor running.

Bring in a great lube like Wet Four-in-One Lubricant and a toy like the Zini Deux and you're ready for the warm-up of a life time. Wet Four-in-One Lubricant is waterbased, so it won't react with the Zini Deux's luxurious silicone surface. And Zini Deux's rechargeable, so you don't have to worry about the increase in your battery bill.

Ready to turn it up just a little more? Grab the Doc Johnson Black Magic Pleasure Kit and experiment to your heart's content. With a bullet, a pocket rocket and a traditional vibe, this kit is great for stimulation … well, everywhere! And we're not just talking about you're body.

  Are you ready to party?

Tantus Little Secret Touch, Espiral White Off-Shoulder Dress, Cake Hi Light Luminous Body Lotion, Venus Body Scrub

You say you're headed to a block party, eh? Don't worry. From the bath before the party to a little spice for your after-activities, we've got you covered.

Start with a long soak and then a scrub with one of the various scents of Venus Body Scrub. There are so many to choose from. Each is made with natural Dead Sea minerals and will scrub away the stress – and dead skin – of the day.

That's where Cake Hi Light Luminous Body Lotion comes in.

Hi Light Luminous Body Lotion is a lemony cake delight. It makes your skin soft and shimmery while also making you smell like a delicious dessert. This is a fun lotion that can be worn every day or for special occasions.bzzingbee

Slip into the Espiral Off-Shoulder Dress, in white or black, and you're on your way. The way this little number hugs your curves, lengthens your legs and accentuates your natural beauty, all eyes will be on you all night.

Going home with someone? Show them your adventurous side with the Tantus Little Secret Touch. Fellas, you too! Can you imagine your partner's reaction if you pull this little rocket-powered bullet out? And with the silicone sleeve, you can just disinfect it between dates. Now that's versatility.

  Get Ready for Fireworks!

LELO Insignia Tiani, Shunga Garden of Edo Organic Collection, Coquette Leopard Print Chemise, LELO Siri

Planning a little sexy time with your partner? Wanna tease him a bit before the main event? Slip into something that makes your intentions clear like the Leopard Print Chemise by Coquette, then push him to the mattress for a full body massage he'll never forget.

We talk about the Shunga Garden of Edo Organic Collection a lot, here at SexIs. It really is fantastic.] But don't take our word for it. Our resident reviewers, [link, thought so too!

The first thing I noticed was the aroma. It’s called “green tea.” I’m not sure if that’s what it smells like, but it definitely smells really good. “Yes, it does,” Susan adds. “I was straddling Rydell, and found myself leaning forward to breathe it in, and every time I did, my clit ring tugged just a little bit against his skin. Before I knew it, I was swollen and wet, so I guess there is something to the aphrodisiac qualities.”

Pull out the LELO Siri and warm you both up. The soft silicone head can be used for massage of any type. Clit, erogenous zones, penis … whatever! And when you're both revved up, and ready for the main event, reach for the LELO Insignia Tiani, a great couples toy that is body safe, remote controlled and rechargeable.

  Celebrate YOUR Independence!

Coquette Bra with Garterbelt and G-string, Women in Lust edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel, Studio Collection Warming O Balm, Fun Factory G4 Elegance

So what if it is “just you?” What does that even mean? Sometimes being “on your own” is the best thing for you, and besides, what can a man do that a nice toy and some good erotica can't do just as well?

Stop thinking about getting that sexy bra and panty set you might consider buying if you have a boyfriend, and buy it already. Might we suggest the Coquette Bra with Garterbelt and G-string? Made of black and purple lycra and lace, this set accentuates every curve making you feel sexy any time.

What are you talking about? Of course you can play with warming creams like Studio Collection Warming O Balm by yourself. Who says you can only enjoy heightened experiences with a partner? Explore yourself, girl.

Put on a robe, grab the Fun Factory G4 Elegance, an erotic novel like Women in Lust, and sink into your favorite seat. You know what comes next. CELEBRATE! (Did you hear Kool & the Gang playing when we said that, or was that just us? Just us? Oh.)

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