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Editor's Top 3 Last Minute Valentine's Day Picks

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A little birdy told us some of you still haven't picked anything up for your lover. What is it about the gift-giving holidays that turns even the most punctual person into a procrastinator? Never fear! Our Editor in Chief is here with three suggestions of her own...and a naughty bonus.

  Garden of Edo Collection by Shunga Erotic Art

Start your night off right with the Shunga Garden of Edo Organic Collection. In this sensual collection, you'll find bath salt, massage oil, Toko Lube, Intimate Kisses Oil, and Sensitizing Gel. They'll take you from sensual massage to hot and heavy in no time flat. But don't take my word for it. Here's what Rydell and Susan had to say in their column, She Plays, He Plays:

Among other strengths, my wife gives really good … massages. “I liked the consistency of Shunga’s regular oil,” Susan says, “but I really liked the aphrodisiac stuff.”

After the standard massage, Susan stripped off her bra and panties and grabbed the exotic green tea aphrodisiac oil. “I wasn’t sure how much to use at first,” she says, “so I started with just little dabbles at the base of his neck.”

The first thing I noticed was the aroma. It’s called “green tea.” I’m not sure if that’s what it smells like, but it definitely smells really good. “Yes, it does,” Susan adds. “I was straddling Rydell, and found myself leaning forward to breathe it in, and every time I did, my clit ring tugged just a little bit against his skin. Before I knew it, I was swollen and wet, so I guess there is something to the aphrodisiac qualities.”

Realizing the massage portion of the evening had concluded, I rolled over beneath her and used my fingers to work a little of the oil into Susan’s nipples. “It heats up so fast and so much,” she says. “Rydell would blow on them and it felt like somebody was aiming a hairdryer at my tits. It felt lovely – and a little wicked, all at once.”

  Adore Me Pleasure Set by LELO

Looking for some sensual kinky play with a geeky twist? Look no further than the Adore Me Pleasure Set. My favorite of three pleasure sets by LELO, this kit takes the cake with its inclusion of the special edition Mia massager in red. Mia's body safe and phthalates free, and can be charged by plugging into your laptop's USB port. Completely waterproof, long lasting, and just barely larger than a flash drive, Mia is sleek, geeky, and discreet; perfect for your purse.

In Adore Me, Mia is partnered up with LELO's Sutra Chainlink Cuffs, made of suede and 100% silk, and the Intima Silk Blindfold, made of 100% silk. While not intended for extreme play, these restraints (pictured below) are relatively strong, and heart-wrenchingly elegant. Great for a night of kinky romance, or elegantly displaying a submissive at a fetish event.

  Stronic Eins by Fun Factory

I'd be totally remiss if I didn't suggest the Stronic Eins by Fun Factory. A completely new technology covered in Fun Factory's delicious silicone? Who could ask for anything more?

Check this out. It's got 5 1/2 insertable inches with a diameter of an inch and three-quarters. There's an emergency on/off switch (marked FUN, of course) just in case you find yourself in one of those situations. You can lock the keys if you're hitting the road so TSA won't hear your toy buzzing away in your luggage. It's rechargeable, submersible, and completely body safe.

And it doesn't vibrate. Instead, it "pulsates" which creates a delicious thrusting sensation. No, really. Look:

But if you're looking to stick to something traditional, then chocolate's what you need. Thick, hard, penis-shaped chocolate, like the Clone A Willy Chocolate from Empire Labs. Because what Valentine's Day would be complete without a chocolate copy of your lover's sex parts?

Hope your holiday's filled with love and sex.. Mostly sex.

Oh, P.S. Don't forget! There's a new free toy with your purchase every day until Valentine's Day. Click here to see which toy you can get if you buy today!



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