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SexIs Social Writing Contest: And the winners are...

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We put out the call. You answered. We were amazed by the response and raw talent we received. And now? We find we're forced to choose winners.

  The Prizes

Grand Prize: $100 cash for each of the winner's next three published articles, possibility of a long term paid writing contract, and homepage feature.

First Runner Up: $100 cash for their next published article and homepage feature.

Second Runner Up: Gift basket containing the following prizes:

PicoBong Kaya, PicoBong Zizo, PicoBong Kiki, LELO Personal Moisturizer, Beginner Anal Kit, EdenFantasys Toy and Body Wipes, and an EdenFantasys tote bag to store it all in!

Community Favorite: $100 gift card to

To Claim Your Prize

Email me, Rayne, at rayne(at)edenfantasys(dot)com with the title of your article and your EdenFantasys screen name, and I'll reply with what I need from you to get your prize(s) out to you.

  The Winners

It was a real tough choice. You guys really brought it with your entries, and the scores were so close. But in the end, we had to choose. And here are our winners!

Grand Prize: Beginner BDSM on a Budget I by Katelyn

Katelyn has some great ideas in her Beginner BDSM on a Budget series. From how to trick your partner into believing your tools are edgier than they are, to cheap bondage tricks, she's got you covered.

From the article:

As an adult we are allowed to rethink what is possible. Exploring urges, sexually and otherwise, is allowed and we now (most of us) live in houses where we have the space to explore without being judged. It’s time to grab a tiny amount of cash from your wallet, and head to your local hardware store because I am going to tell you how to make BDSM supplies on a budget.

First Runner Up: Menstrual Sex: It's Not Just For Vampires by Girly Juice

Girly Juice tells us all the ways to have less messy period sex if we're into that sort of thing.

Blood can be troubling if you're not used to it, especially if you've never experienced it in sexual situations before. But there's really nothing to be afraid of. You have many options for hiding blood away during sex, if that's your thing - and if you'd rather not encounter it at all, it's easy enough to pop in a tampon and avoid vaginal penetration for a week.

No one HAS to have menstrual sex in their repertoire, but it's a good thing to know how to do. Having to abstain from sex for a week every month is no fun at all, so if you don't have to, why do it?

Second Runner Up: So, You Read ‘Fifty Shades’, and Now You Want to be a Sub… by Tessa Taboo

Tessa Taboo had some excellent words of caution to offer those of us who have a new-found interest in BDSM after reading 50 Shades of Grey. If a BDSM relationship doesn't involve consent, it's not BDSM at all. If you hear nothing else, when reading about all the things wrong with the story, hear this.

From the article:

If Fifty Shades is what made you decide you wanted to be a sub, let me ask you this… how would you feel if you ended up in a relationship like Christian and his Mrs. Robinson? One where the sub had no idea what they were getting themselves into, had no real opportunity to give consent, and in the end, was left damaged and violated. Relationships like that are not BDSM. They are abuse.

And it doesn’t just happen to minors; it can happen to adults too. Just like the women in this article that responded to a San Francisco area lawyer’s Craigslist ad, where he was seeking “dominant sex with submissive women.” More than one woman answered, and more than one ended up filing suits that ranged from rape, to forced imprisonment.

Community Choice: You guys read the contest articles. You laughed, you cried, you fumed in anger, and cheered in triumph. And then you voted on which you loved the most. And the winner is...

Fractured Lives: Healing sexually and mentally with the help of Eden by js250!

A number of brave souls have written about past trauma they've endured and survived, from sexual abuse to devastating accidents. js250 told us about her sex life before and after a life-threatening car accident, and how she's mending her relationship with her husband with the help of the EdenCommunity.

From the article:

I was in a turn lane on the highway and was rear-ended by a truck doing 70MPH. I was seriously hurt and in the hospital waiting for the Lifelight to transport me to a major trauma center. His stepdad saw the accident and called him. My car was unrecognizable. My life, and who I was, was forever changed. [...]

My husband and I had always had a very active sex life, more so after I tried a couple of the toys he suggested and really had fun with them. We loved playing together and watching porn, managing to have little weekend marathons whenever our teenagers were away for the weekend. 

We had a wonderful little collection, I had my Pocket Rockets and jelly rabbit and he had his vibrating cock rings and a couple of sleeves. Talk about using our imaginations, each other and finding new roads to travel in our sexual adventures!! I am still amazed at how many ways we found to use these simplest of toys.

Thanks so much, everyone who participated. We hope you'll continue to contribute with us in the future.

Congratulations to all the winners. Don't forget to claim your prize!

  Going On Now

Right now, we're taking votes on our monthly topic suggestion contest! Community members and magazine contributors have a lot they'd like to read and write about, and they've got an extra stake in this poll. The people who suggested the three most popular topics will win a gift card to So pop over to this thread right here and vote on the topics you're most interested in. And keep your eyes on the SexIs Social section of the forum. Shortly after the winning topics are announced, the thread to make suggestions for October's topic contest will be posted.

And we're always accepting quality content from anyone who has something to say on the subjects of sex and sexuality. It's really simple. All you need is a free account, for which you can register with Facebook, Google, or AOL. Then, just find the "Publish SexIs Article" link in your EdenFantasys dashboard, enter your article into the system, and submit it to our editors for review. You can find the details here in the SexIs Social Submission Guidelines.


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