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So, You Read ‘Fifty Shades’, and Now You Want to be a Sub…
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Yes, I get it. You read all three of the ‘Fifty Shades’ books in one weekend, you’ve looked up some stuff on the Internet about BDSM, and now, you’re DYING to be a sub, right? You even typed up a contract just like the one in the book, went and bought a pair of handcuffs, and put a wanted ad in the craigslist personals looking for a Dom. Right?



just because it's abusive does not mean it isn't BDSM. that's like saying it isn't marriage because someone cheats. it's still marriage. and cheating happens. kink can get abusive. it's still kink. and bdsm? the more formal game that people delude themselves into thinking is a magical alternate reality where there are such creatures as Dominants and submissives? that can be abusive. even if played by the rules. consent given, but never checked up on, is the NORM. actively asking after the sub just isn't done as much as all that. consent violations are abuse. consent violations are the norm. BDSM invites catastrophe even when it works--how is it sane actually thinking your genitals are worthless and need to be locked up in a cage or need to be removed? it isn't. it's inherently sick. but that's just par for the course with kink! so, yeah. BDSM can be abusive and still be "true" BDSM.

Aug 30, 1:04 am
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