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  • Polyamorous Playtime Failures

    I was introduced to my life partner's wife's life partner. Every visit was a complete bust. I'm hoping the next visit will go much better then this last one.

  • Sexual Regret, Evolution vs. Emotional Pressures

    Gather any group of 30-somethings and inquire about past sexual experiences they regret (namely in their twenty’s), and you will undoubtedly receive a plethora of varied answers. However,as a female I would likely wonder to myself “why did I sleep with THAT guy?” All the while a man would be more prone to kicking themselves in the ass because they DIDN'T sleep THAT woman. Recent studies suggest their may be more to these regrets than meets the eye.

  • Medicalizing Queer Identities

    How does the medicalized discourse surrounding queer identities shape the way that queer people are represented? Is this better or worse for the individual experience? Medicalizing a cultural notion, such a sexual identity, a construct that exists in only certain socio-political arenas, works to harm individuals more than empower them. Rather than embrace sexuality and trans*gender expression, our society's language is framing queerness as similar to a disease.

  • Five Common, Strange Facts About Women & The Truth

    A list of "Weird, Funny Facts About Women." The same exact ones that keep showing up around the internet. It's been featured on sites like India Times and others. Despite the list's attempts at humor, I felt compelled to add more womanly experience to these common factoids.

  • Social media meets sexual misconduct and leaves chaos in its wake

    Most people will deal with sexual misconduct at some point in their lives. Some will even run into it in the work place, but one woman's way of handling it didn't turn out as quite as she planned... or did it?

  • Anne Bonny: A Bloody, Badass Pirate Tale

    We take our role models from many sources. Whether they be a celebrity, a historical figure, a friend, or family member, we choose them because they inspire us to be a better person in some way. And yes, even a pillaging, feared pirate CAN be a role model.

  • Dear Daughter: Live Without Limits

    In a few days, I’m having another baby. In recognition of International Women’s Day, here’s what I’d like to tell her about life, if she’s a girl.

  • Independence Can Be Empowering; But It Does Have A Price....

    Just like any other hard-fought battle, there can be casualties. Most of them are worth it, but some of them... well, that is for you to decide.

  • Feminists Don't Deserve Chivalry?

    In this article, I want to briefly discuss this particular idea that feminists don't deserve, or should not receive, chivalry from a male spouse or boyfriend. Many people have this idea, which basically originates from a few misconceptions about feminism and chivalry.

  • Transitioning to Male (Naturally), and the Adventures Along the Way.

    Have you ever wondered why some transguys "pass" so much better than others? Well, here are my tips for how you can confidently walk into any place and be seen as male, all before starting hormones.

  • Q & A with a Transman

    After much research and nagging of people, I have created a Q & A of all the questions you may have for a transgender person, and my personal answers. Although I think these answers won’t apply for many other transguys, I do hope they settle any niggling curiosities and annoying thoughts.

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